IID tree trimming contractor now under new name, Utility Tree Service, Inc.

Asplundh Tree Expert Co., is now doing business as Utility Tree Service Inc.

EL CENTRO - Imperial Irrigation District is pleased to announce that its long-time contractor for tree and vegetation management services, Asplundh Tree Expert Co., is now doing business as Utility Tree Service Inc.

Asplundh has been established for 20 years, performing tree vegetation management and trimming services on behalf of IID to keep energized power lines and ground electrical boxes clear of vegetation, which, if not managed, can affect electric service to customers. The contractor remains the same, said IID’s Felix Perezchica, energy line clearance supervisor, noting that the only change is in the organization’s name.

Since 1940, Utility Tree Service, Inc. has specialized in utility line clearance work. Today, the company continues to offer a responsive local presence with access to national resources for peak needs, providing safe and efficient vegetation management with respect for people, property and the environment.

Employees working on behalf of Utility Tree Service, Inc., Perezchica added, will be equipped with proper identification. “They’ll be out and about, taking care of tree and vegetation management on behalf of IID,” Perezchica said.

Because the workers occasionally need to contact IID customers, should customers have any questions, Perezchica encouraged them to contact the district’s customer service center at 1-800-303-7756.

“Often, trees are planted under lID’s right-of-way and are in close proximity to power lines, creating a hazardous condition,” he said. “Keeping high-voltage power lines and electrical boxes clear from vegetation is vital to the safety of the customer and to utility personnel.”

When landscaping, customers need to carefully consider the type of vegetation that will be planted near power lines and electrical equipment. Information on landscaping practices and safety, including a list of trees native to this area that have a growth range of 15 to 35 feet can be found at IID’s website at www.iid.com/landscape.