IID to reorganize Energy Department


 IID Energy pic

EL CENTRO – The Imperial Irrigation District will reorganize the entire Energy Department it was learned Monday.

IID General Manager Kevin Kelley commented on the reorganization efforts.

“This reorganizing of the Energy Department has been in the works for some time,” said Kelley. “It is a reflection of the changing regulatory environment in which the department must operate and the ever-increasing demands on the organization as a vertically integrated energy balancing authority. I think it places the Energy Department in the best position to respond to changing market conditions and, most importantly, to advance the interests of the District’s ratepayers.”

No details of the changes are available as of Monday.


  1. Reorganization wasn’t about mario. It was about empowering employees to do their best and increasing efficiencies. Carl wamts a team approach and more creativity.

    • In this specific instance discrimination will be caucasion men with little or no management or technical qualifications, who percieve/view Mexicans as a labor class, prejudicially and negatively evaluating the performance/qualifications of a relatively high level, experienced and historically successful Mexican manager.

      • homegirl, why you always have time to blog? Is it because not 5, 50 or 500 voters kicked your butts out, but 5 THOUSAND? You didn’t get beat, you got creamed! It is really sad when the argument comes down to race; essentially it amounts to childish name calling, not facts as there are plenty of facts to set the record straight. Valley Boy is right. Listen up.

      • You wouldn’t say that if you had ever reported to him. Fear and intimidation do not equal leadership.

        • Of course not but in this systemically dysfunctional business organization change,the unknown,fear and intimidation are the rule. Exactly why Mario has thrived in it.

  2. Corrupt Mario … his only supporters were Menvielle and Mendoza and they are gone. (Oh yeah, Brad Lucky too, but he’s long gone. And probably need to add K Kelley to that mix too, but his number is coming up soon too). Mario doesn’t have a leg to stand on now. He has done so much to hurt the IID and he should have been disciplined and/or run out on a rail years ago. He is unqualified in so many ways its ridiculous. But there ARE employees who have been railroaded and they are patiently waiting and watching how this new board deals with those ruining IID from within and those seeking the truth.

    • Mario is smarter than he looks and most definitely smarter than those who now want his jugular. All regimes, past and present, have wanted Mario’s jugular. Love him or hate him, corrupt or not, Mario knows how to get things done in a perpetually contiuous toxic business environment. It’s actually kind of interesting watching him throughout the years navigate and survive all the constant changes and re orgs. Unfortunately- Mario is just the kind of player that excels in our type of politically dysfunctional business operation and environment. He’s “Little Big Man” in our dysfuntional barrio. Still betcha he settles for $5 million for discrimination after this current group of morons pulling the political strings within the business operation get done bungling things up.

      • Sounds like he has been scratching your back. Yes the ypical extraordinarily cold and calculating sociopath. Lurks and waits in the perpetually unstable Energy Department. Causes crisis then cheerfully lies about his involvement in events blaming others for what has happened and has no doubts about his own worth and value ($200k+ per year, sweet). His single- minded pursuit of self- aggrandizement has resulted in abandonment of social responsibility at the cost of stepping all over others.

  3. LoL……prediction- Mario Esclara will eventually prevail in a 5 million dollar discrimination law suit settlement.

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