IID to raise electric rates January 1st




EL CENTRO – The IID will raise all electric rates an average of 7.43% on January 1st, 2015.


The increase has come about by a cost-of-service study presented to the board on August 19, and to two public rate hearings in October. The study was completed to determine annual revenue requirements, projection of services, and allocation of costs among the customer classes. Some of those classes include residential service, municipal service, and agricultural generating service, etc.


The study was also done to insure future generations are not subsidizing current costs and to maintain IID’s bond rating.


During the November 3 Energy Consumers Advisory Committee meeting, IID staff received approval of the proposed rate increase by its members.


Some of the challenges of the Energy Department that were cited are:


The costs to comply with that state mandates that continue to increase.


– Procurement of renewable energy to meet 33% requirement by 2020

– Mitigation of environmental issues with San Juan Generating Station

– Reducing the carbon footprint


Other factors include:


– Transmission expansion

– Increased debt service requirements

– Compliance with FERC/NERC recommendations resulting from the September 8, 2011 power outage event


The rate increase will generate approximately $31.8 million in 2015 and enable the IID to continue to provide reliable service, while maintaining a balance with the electric retail rates charged to its customers and recovering costs of providing that service.


Even with the rate increase, electrical rates in the Imperial and Coachella Valleys will still be the lowest in Southern California.


The average ratepayer will find an average increase of $10.20 added to their electric bill.



  1. Then the scary part, homegirl, would be, any unskill person can apply for high positions,and the you don’t qualified argument…will no longer be effective? Your opinion, please.

    • It’s where we are as of now. We have a bunch of Son’s, Nephew’s and Cousins screwing and wasting the system up for Rate Payers. Meanwhile Farmer John wants to keep his rates at 1940’s prices. All a big scam.

    • Most key and strategic positions today are no longer filled by competitive application but by crony appointments which, unfortunately, leads to more inherent competency issues. This is a half billion dollar business enterprise being ceremoniously lead and reactively managed by faces we know and trust but who are unqualified. The application process is corrupted with by an inconsistent and un enforced hiring process and policy that enables family to inbreed, despite qualification. Clean up of this grossly inefficient community owned business enterprise begins with enhanced and enforced Board governance policy and a purge of the human resources department and enhancement of it’s policies.

        • It can be enforced by keeping the Board out of the day to day business enterprise through enhanced and enforced governance policy. Then investing the time to find a strong and independent GM that has the experience and vision to make the many things that need to happen- happen well in parallel without need of consultants to tell her or him when/what/how things need to be done. The cost of running the district due to the need for so many consultants to do the technical and intellectual lifting makes the cost of running the business operation terribly expensive.

  2. why should we pay for all their screwups??? why not cut some of the fat and be held accountable for their monies..

    • Amen brawleygirl. We could list the waste and “screwups” in detail but we would be censored by this free press. Incompetence and reactive management still prevail with expensive consultants doing the heavy technical lifting. A result of the professional skills atrophy in a special district on a desert island.

  3. Gomer says Juan is now making more dinero….so Juan has to pay more because Jeff took a hit with the SUV’s and the Cessna. Chief Bostic should head to IID next.

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