IID Seeks Proposals for 2013 On-Farm Efficiency Conservation Program

Imperial Irrigation District is initiating its much anticipated on-farm conservation program that offers financial incentives to growers and landowners who contract with the district to implement water conservation measures.
 The district began soliciting for proposals on Nov. 13 and will accept proposals from landowners and tenants until noon on Dec. 5.
 The goal of the On-Farm Efficiency Conservation Program is to incentivize agricultural water customers to voluntarily conserve 16,000 to 20,000 acre-feet in 2013 by implementing water use efficiency improvement projects on their farms.
 IID will field-verify the implementation of each water conservation measure and calculate the conserved water yield for each measure by comparing 2013 crop season water use to a historical baseline specific to each field and crop.
Participants will be paid $285 per acre-foot of verified delivered water reduction.
 “Although the on-farm conservation program is a long-term IID commitment, in its inaugural year, the district intends to implement the program in a pilot format and issue primarily one-year contracts,” explained Jesse Silva, Water Department manager. “Longer-term projects may also be proposed, however, these may require additional consideration and could result in a lower prioritization or delayed contracting as the district works to refine and standardize the program’s implementation process.”
 Customers interested in participating in the 2013 on-farm conservation program are asked to return application forms to the on-farm conservation team by noon on Dec. 5. Forms and information are available at www.iid.com/onfarmconservation. Questions regarding the program should be directed to the on-farm conservation team at 1-760-339-9777 or emailed to onfarm@iid.com. v