IID renews service agreement with Irby Construction



Courtesy photo Irby Construction Company.

EL CENTRO — The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) held a special meeting Thursday to finalize the choice for the energy department’s construction and maintenance services and voted to renew the service agreement with Irby Construction Company.

The contract is for construction and maintenance services for IID transmission and distribution electrical infrastructure for three years at $9 million. The winning bidder also responds to infrastructure emergencies, like downed power lines and power poles.

Staff recommended Irby Construction Company over five other bidders after a six-month process using a point system to evaluate the companies.

Some of the evaluation criteria included amount of experience, cost, and whether the companies had local offices. To be considered a local company, the business must have a water and/or power bill in the Valley for at least nine months before the solicitation.

Irby Construction Company was the only local bidder and they achieved the best point score. Irby has operated and maintained a location in Imperial County for about 20 years.

According to an Irby spokesperson, their employees have been with the company for years and live in Imperial Valley. Irby also said their employees have been with Irby for at least fifteen years with most of their experience working on the IID system.

Unions backed the other five contenders and they had a strong presence at the meeting, as did Irby Construction. Irby representatives spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting to make their case for receiving the contract, while union representatives commented on behalf of the other companies.

The vote was 3-2 in favor of staff’s recommendation. Directors Bruce Kuhn, Norma Sierra Galindo, and James Hanks voted yes. Directors Juanita Salas and Erik Ortega voted no.




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