IID Implements Last, Best, and Final Offer to PSA


IID front yard


EL CENTRO – At their regular meeting Tuesday, September 17, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Board of Directors held a special hearing on the impasse between the IID and the Professional Salaried Association (PSA).

The PSA provided the IID with its initial successor agreement in May, 2012.

The IID provided the PSA with its initial successor agreement in June, 2012.

The parties held 10 negotiating sessions, the District declared an impasse in April, 2013.

After subsequent impasse meetings and a fact-finding report, the IID gave the PSA it’s Last, Best, and Final Offer on August 12, 2013.

The impasses remains and the parties have not reached an agreement.

Representatives for the PSA suggested that the two parties were not that far from an agreement and hoped for more meetings to resolve issues.

At one point in the hearing, a representative from PSA polled the members of the PSA in the audience if they ever worked overtime and did not get paid for it. Several people raised their hands.

It was pointed out that salaried employees get paid for their job and not by the hour.

IID Directors Bruce Kuhn and Norma Galindo stated that they would be in favor of another round of negotiations if there was the possibility of coming to some agreement.

Attorney Richard Currier, from the law firm Currier and Hudson, was the District Designee for the fact finding panel and involved with the impasse procedure, commented on the issue.

“There were numerous occasions to reach common ground,” said Currier, “I do not feel that a compromise can be reached with any more negotiation.”

The Board voted in favor of implementing the Last, Best, and Final Offer to the PSA.

There still is an opportunity to restart negotiations.