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letters to the editorVicken Kasarjian, ZGlobal; ZGlobal,Vicken Kasarjian. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? My daddy used to say,”‘lf it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it’s a duck.”

I know Kevin Kelley said he was a friend of mine and he is; but when that friend is wrong and he’s hurting innocent people and placing IID and the public in jeopardy, something must be said. When Kevin first sought out this Kasarjian fellow, was he working for ZGlobal at the time? Quack!

When Kevin hired him as energy manager, did Kasarjian bid out the services for qualified engineering firms or did he just hire his old firm, ZGlobal? Quack,quack!

Did Mr. Kelley’s actions really put IID energy in the hands of a qualified manager or a self-interested consulting firm that in turn offered themselves a multi-million dollar contract? Quack,quack,quack!

Does this consulting firm represent outside developers and if so, that’s a clear conflict-of-interest? Quack,quack,quack,quack!

Does Kevin Kelley really think the public will stand for his scam of saying Kasarjian is really separate from ZGlobal? Does Kevin really think we are that stupid? Quack,quack, quack,quack,quack!

Like my daddy, said, “this one looks like a duck “. I believe it’s time for the public to let the Board know just how we feel. This duck stinks!


Shorty Hickingbottom

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  1. Shorty you are correct. But when is this board going to do something about it? It is obvious that the GM and the ZG gang are going to continue with the dismantling of the IID. Now that the energy department has been destroyed, water, and the other departments are next. It looks like we have to hope that the FPPC does something to unsnarl this mess. Quack Quack!

  2. Simply put, a consultant was given line management authority & is making decisions that financially benefit ZG. A GM without experience has been lying to the board; a board member became uncontrollably angry at IID employees; an general counsel followed mad directors’s demands to replace IID employees with ZG & illegal terminations will cost a minimum of $5 million; an unqualified auditor without CPA, CIA, or CISA used as hit person.

  3. If it is then why aren’t all those mentioned from both sides being investigated by some independent entity? It appears from the discussions that everyone is corrupt so no one internally should be allowed to lead or manage the effort.

  4. I believe ZG also had a hand in successfully setting up and training the IID energy & gas Trading Group. It’s been one IID success after another with this ZG bunch. I concur with Freeiid on ZG positives based on the deliverable facts. What did Carl Stills ever factually deliver or do?

    • Soo ZG. now taking credit for the worldwide drop in natural gas!!!! From what we hear they want to get in but the CFO had the courage to say no.

      • ZG was the bridge that CFO Belen brought in to gain independence from a trading company that IID used for over four years (revenue loss was in the $millions a year). Belen brought ZG in to be IID’s scheduling coordinator, she set up an internal group that has flourished and the ZG contracted ended. End of Story.

        • TruthBtold you obviously are a hater against the CFO. What you really need to do is show your facts before I expose you. Put your facts down and quit talking BS. We all know that you hate Matt and the CFO. The big problem here is ZG, Mike Abatti, and the internal auditor who are tied in with Jesse from ZG. Focus on the real issue and not the gossip.

    • Belen selected and trained energy & gas trading group – keep ZG out of there. IID can’t afford anymore gas hedging scandals. Carl hired ZG under pressure since they were already under contract to give advice on transmission planning. Then they were hired by auditor to audit their own advice and slammed the advice as belonging to Carl & planners and showing they didn’t know what they were doing.

  5. So if ZG has unqualified staff and is not a reputable firm, why did Carl Stills hire them to report directly to him when he needed to revamp IID’s system operations center? IID received accolades from FERC (Federal Government) for the outstanding transformation. Carl and Arn are just crying wolf now because the issues are too close to them and exposes their incompetence. ZG now has to come in and clean up the mess once again. Kudos to the Directors (with the exception of Kuhn) and to the GM for making a good decision once again to bring in ZG. They are taking unnecessary heat for doing the right thing.

    • It’s not a question of ZGlobal’s qualifications. They have talented people. It is an issue of ethical and honest business practices. When the IID board, the GM, the auditor, the IID attorney, and ZGlobal all conspire to give control of the energy department to ZGlobal there is a problem. Gary Redfern has done an excellent job detailing the corruption within IID. Shorty and Arn have done an excellent job stating their case and exposing the illegal actions. Carl effectively managed ZGlobal personnel and saved the IID balancing area. Credit should be given to those that have made a difference. Your ranting that the energy department was in a mess doesn’t make it so.

      • There’s no conspiracy here Carl. Just good honest people trying to clean up the mess you created. If anything was illegal or broke any rules, it’s the way you handed your unqualified friends promotions. Your arrogance and ignorance is what brought you down. You and your Starbucks trolls need to crawl back in your cave and stop expecting anybody to listen to your ridiculous rants.

  6. Bloviate…hate….racism…$20 million…5 fired on trumped up charges…corruption/cronyism…really??? This is typical of the liberal mentality…attack first then cry when you get punched back. Carl is crying right now along with Arn…but let’s be clear…they started the negative campaign because everyone finally saw what we saw….they don’t know what they are doing.
    He and his Starbucks trolls attacked everyone that disagreed with them and put their names in this blog thinking they would scare people. Carl and his group are clueless…keep coming…..you’re waking more people up who are fed up with you.

    Let’s start with Bloviate…seriously…so when you hear facts that’s bloviating…look for yourself…the statements are true. In addition Carl is the MASTER BLOVIATOR…everyone knows that…he could put a rock to sleep …he talks for houuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssss….but doesn’t say anything valuable.
    He should make a movie…..”The Bloviator”….starring Carl the talker and his trusty sidekick Arn the clueless one…
    Neither one has a clue…if you ask Carl to point out a Transmission line he would probably point at a barn….We’re not bloviating……we’re getting the truth out.

    It’s not hate…..it’s the truth….well…..let me see…..yeah you’re right….we don’t hate him….but we hate what he stands for…useless blowhard and clueless Arn…man…this blog is writing itself…

    Racism…well read the older blog…are you telling me that was an actual employee of hispanic decent? If you are then you’re clueless as well.

    $20 mill? It was 3…then 6….then 9….then 10….now its $20??? Typical liberals…inflate everything with no facts to scare everyone. WAIT…..THIS JUST IN….I think its now $A BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!….OMG!!!! how could the Board let a Billion dollars go like that….somebody should do something!!!! (get a clue before you write….better yet….don’t write)

    Trumped up charges you say….hmmmmmmm….were you there? Did you see the work effort, or lack thereof, of these individuals? I didn’t think so…..stop getting all of your information from Carl or Arn and go look for yourself. Clearly you’re a “thinky” type person cuz you use big words like cronyism and corruption…but if all of your other comments are based on Carl talking through your head then this part is easy as well. This is no corruption…..it’s called getting rid of the garbage and having to clean up a mess.

    I enjoy your enthusiasm…you appear to try really hard…..but you’re misguided by blind loyalty. You did come up with the best line so far though…

    Leonardo DiCaprio had the Aviator…….but now the IID has…..wait for it……”THE BLOVIATOR”

    Not as good as “Carl-pocalypse”….I spit my milk when I read that one….but I’ll take second…

    • When you can’t win an argument based on the facts, personal attacks always seem to be used. All your blog proves to me is that you can’t defend the decisions that were made by the GM and the board. Mr. Redfern’s two articles are quite revealing and prove what Shorty said. Quack!

    • Talk about talking and saying nothing – do you ever listen to yourself? Maybe you should learn how to make a full sentence. You need to get back on your meds. You obviously need help. Or maybe thinking about prison time is getting to you?

    • Mad Matt please ameliorate your proclivities to bloviate about Carl – take your prescriptions! Carl had energy running smoothly when you, kevin, Ross, Vicken and Betty V concocted the ZG plot to take over IID without successful bids. Do you envy & attack Kuhn because he had the courage to not vote for ZGlobal?

  7. Look, yes ZG, and Carl must be cut off from IID. The only way to get this going is by replacing the GM who is backing ZG, and then replace Kuhn who is backing Carl right now. Yes I know Kuhn voted against ZG but he’s allowing rejects to waste rate payers money and not work and still get paid. Yes I’m talking about that silly dive team everyone knows about. Really 2 F-350 4X4 four doors. Those trucks were parked at the fair by the back gate in the carnival with both the so called dive manager and dive leader. Now here the crazy part about that diver leader, he’s was a state employee that was retired on MEDICAL and is now a dive leader. Quack Quack Quack!!!!! This is was Kuhn is supporting and this is going to cost IID because we all know an injury will happen again to this double dipper……… Oh yeah love those pictures the dive team puts on Facebook where they are trying to practice swift-water-rescue and then BBQ on IID time. Every other Thursday this always happens and no supervision. Where is OSHA and the State also…… Welcome to the octagon son!!!!

    • This just gets better and better. So we could retire from another agency on medical and still get hired by IID and do normal work and drive a super big truck that’s not needed but to look cool and try to be a superhero on the dive/rescue team and get paid???? WOW and the internal auditors are not seeing this???? And they all are back-up by Kuhn???? I’m voting NO FOR KUHN !!!

    • Mad Matt you voted for the 2 F-350 4×4 four trucks along with 4 other directors. Why do you blame Kuhn for a 5-0 vote? Take you meds.

  8. Since Shorty H. is so into farm animals, even though I would have guessed sheep rather than ducks, I’ll continue with the theme. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You can put Carl Stills in a suit and tie and sit him in a corner office, but he will never be anything more than the selfish employee he always has been since he first started. When Carl started his IID career, he was an employee in the radio shop who used to come in hung over every morning after a night of boozing and smoking it up. He spent more time selling real estate than fixing radios during those days. Same holds true now, Carl is so wrapped up in his own agenda he doesn’t care about IID. His ego is a lot bigger than his loyalty to the customer. That was apparent when he imposed an unnecessary rate increase not too long ago. If Carl really cared about IID, its employees, or its ratepayers he would just walk off into the sunset. Carl did nothing but ruin the energy department. He surrounded himself with high paid consultants and worthless employees who stroked his ego and told him what he wanted to hear. He ran off anyone who tried to tell him the truth about his inevitable failures. IID employees are relieved that Carl has been put in a corner, but won’t sleep comfortably until he’s gone for good. The GM made a good move and brought the cavalry in just in time to save our balancing authority. My retiree cap goes off to the board and GM for raising the energy department from the ashes and saving us from the Carl-pocalypse. Happy trails Carl!

    • Mad Matt and your posse bloviate hate, racism & lies, but Shorty is right. ZG is a small consulting company that has taken control of IID with $20M sole source contracts. This $20M leaves the valley and creates no job growth for IID. Five fired, but still on paid leave to create trumped up charges. Corruption & cronyism are back!

    • Carl is a shining star at IID. Why would you try to dim a star? Your mean blogs about Carl and Shorty serve no purpose but show your ignorance of the truth.What are you and your mad director planning o accomplish? Morale crashed to earth already.

      • A shining Star? More like a falling star or a crashing meteor!!! The only truth are the facts themselves. You were the worst Energy Manager that almost sank this company into financial disaster. We hope the directors end this terrible nightmare and completely get rid of you Carl.

  9. Carl you need to ride into the sunset and retire and take those few remaining friends you have with you. At least Eddie Lutz knew when his time was up and went out on top. Your time is up buckaroo, just go away and stop making a fool of yourself.

    • Eddie was sold out by Betty V with trumped up lies. Mad Matt or ZG says jump and she say, “how high”.

  10. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA………what a racist moron….are you really trying to sound like someone with an accent???? First of all genius…. the engineers at the IID do not talk like a baby…..your pathetic attempt at trying to mimic someone of Mexican decent is as obvious as your ignorance of IID issues. Mental note….if you’re going to mock or mimic someone you have to also use the same type of language that person would use. ….”Thus the available internal resources were strained well beyond capacity”….hmmmmmmmmmmm………Stop writing…………..I see you a mile away…..stupid people’s style never changes……now you’ve proven what we all thought was true….Carl and Arn were racist. You are absolutely pathetic!!

    Even if someone were concerned….IT WOULD ONLY BE BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE EXPECTED TO WORK NOW! The days of Carl and Arn, along with their do nothing mininons are gone….almost….there are some stragglers….but their lack of knowledge and poor work ethic will come through….it always does.

    Nice to see Carl and Arn’s true colors coming out….sooooooo…IID is now full of engineers who can’t speak at a 3rd grade level??? You……are……an idiot….

    • Ve are curious what promotion did Marcia R. give you? Or was it Jesse M.? We see the same problems as always no need to be qualified or has experience, just need to know the right people.. So you may be right about Stills & company, you sound just like his supports only for the new group.

      • You’re incorrect….there haven’t been “promotions”…opportunities have been presented and people are jumping in to help clean up the mess. Actual positions will be posted later for all people to have a chance. That is significantly different than what Carl and Arn did…they never gave an opportunity to the actual experienced people….that was clear by how bad they managed.

        Same problems??? Clearly you’re a Carl, Arn or Angela supporter….the mess is being cleaned up. Staff is supportive and likes the new atmosphere. Less divisive and more teamwork. If you’re trying to say the people jumping in to help are not qualified you need to pay attention to what they are fixing and quit waiting for the old guard to come back.

        • This is correct all employees are much happier since the new administration came in. They provide the leadership and support that was lacking with Carl’s crew

        • No we are not fans of the Stills team!
          So this is the new open atmospher you are yanking about! This was just as bad with Stills, no one is allowed to have a different idea! Let’s be real here the company staffing chart have been signed by GM,HR,Energy manager. With the chosen already in higher positions will wait 6 months to get them some experience then post the position. Making sure all know no need to apply. We ask what is different then Stills did when he put his team?? We all know how that worked out!!! Look all we ask if you want some creditablity be realistic, this latest group has not done anything yet just cancel some projects and put in their team or did we miss the posting of the new deputies?The only credit to be given for now is Stills is gone.

    • With the forced retirements, normal retirements and theforced layoffs, Carl’s knowledge is needed more that ever.
      Please, no more hysterical laughing, or haranguing. Sounds like madness – frightening!

  11. Me am an employee currently working into Planning and Engineering. Me won’t say specifically were for fear of what may happen to my based upon statements made by current management to my. Me can’t speak much beyond ours area, me don’t know Arn and am sure managers in other areas and Carl have them faults but me do know that the management team that was in place and running Planning and Engineering dealt with personnel issues much effectively, created teamwork environment that improved moral much good and these current actions have destroyed that and many more. The thing me can’t understand was that it was obviously that Planning and Engineering wasn’t allow to fill key vacant positions to allowed to obtained the consultant helped they needed and thus the availabled internal resources were strained well beyonded capacity.

  12. Many of we are very very concerned with direction of department in general but more specific ours area. Me is also concerned cause the quality of ZGlobal’s work are not up to pars with internals staff. We’ves done a better job and could have done more but simply lacked resources. It seemed the GM and Board do not know really what going on I never see or hear they talk to managers or staffs in our areas. We’ves fraid now to talk at all and bes honest.

  13. Juan Jalamela—I got the same stories from Arn, his fishing trips, his travels and his great accomplishments at Disneyland…what a joke! One of people that got interviewed was actually shut down when he offered his concerns about the Energy dept. and Carl Stills. Arn you’re nothing but a scam artist that did nothing but try to save your buddy Carl with those ridiculous reports that you submitted. It’s amazing that within this short period of time Carl and his team of do-nothings managed to sink this dept. to it’s lowest level since my time at the IID. Carl you need to retire, quit or just get fired and let the real professionals that are now in place bring the Energy back to where we used to be. Angela Evans you should join Tom King who should have been fired 10 years ago and Paul Peschel who could never be found in the time of need…just go away and stop making a joke of yourself.

      • Completely agree with you there, some of his appointees should have been let go many years ago. Times are tough at IID right now, not sure who you can trust and always having to keep your head on swivel is not good for moral. I know and understand that there was a need for change around here, but walking around unsure about tomorrow is not healthy. Hope the new Management team does bring us out of the cesspool we were wading in and things start to look up for everyone.

  14. Hmmmmmm……so I wasn’t the only one who thought the interviews by the “consultant” Arn were a waste of time. (I use the term consultant loosely)…..2 minutes about issues at work and 45 about Disney. It was a sham…he was going to write what Carl wanted the whole time…my guess is his report, such as it was, was already written; that’s why he wanted to talk about Disney the whole time. How much did you make Arn? With Carl gone you won’t make anymore right? Now I understand why you want him back so bad….easy money. You’re right about Angela too….completely clueless about Operations and the way an electrical utility works, but if you ask her you’ll get a lot of talk …there’s just no substance…no actual answer…no clear direction…no plan…no action…..but she sure says a lot…and isn’t that what’s important! (again….sarcasm)

    The new administration is highly experienced in running a utility and they do not mince words. They have tremendous expectations to get IID running solid again. They expect staff to move fast, have answers, and get things done NOW! There is no room for talkers and slackers…that’s why others were shown the door.

    The general public would be proud of how things are moving, your IID employees are being put to the task and expected to perform…isn’t that the way it should be?? Staff is excited to finally have management that can answer questions instead of waiting for weeks or months while they tried to figure something out. You know the difference when someone is very knowledgeable and someone is clueless but talks a lot. WHO DO YOU WANT RUNNING YOUR UTILITY??

    You’re right Knowledgeable…good question…let’s think about this for a minute. Did they really get to know the people we are talking about? Or did they just ask the mighty Carl how things were going? Could an outsider really know all of the individuals we are referring to? Did they attend meetings with them? Did they have to work with them and solve problems WITHOUT them, but had to make it appear that they actually helped since they were in charge? Were they there everyday when those people were missing in action 2-3 days a week? Were they there watching them use their laptops to check vacation sites and comment about where they were going while we were trying to problem solve? My guess is …….mmmmmmmmmmm……no.

    I don’t detest those people…I detest their work ethic and their lack of knowledge considering the positions they were in. It is absolutely scary to think how much damage they could have generated were they allowed to continue.

    The public should have high expectations of the IID…we are striving to get back to where we were….and more. Carl and Arn, along with the Starbucks trolls, constantly try to take down what we are trying to rebuild. One word best describes this……pathetic.

    • Many of us agree that Stills and his friends were a disaster for the energy company. For those of us that can only watch the constant Appointment of managers and their friends by the board and GM. We also agree with your comments regarding Arn but let’s be real this new group got here much the same way Stills did. They used their political connections from ZG-Jesse M with certain board members and have their own group of IID employees such as Marcia R., Mark P.,Jamie A., and the Auditor to identify what employees are chosen to be on their team. By you high praise of the new group, our guess is you were one of the new chosen ones.

  15. You’re right….some of the employees are the sharpest….others are not and that’s why they had to go. Your loyalty and greed cloud your judgement. Yes, because of Carl you made tens of thousands for useless consultant work. You have no clue what happens at the IID; you only know what Carl tells you…..that’s great consultant work….hmmmm …stay quiet and take another check.

    Hundreds of millions???? seriously….Do you really think people believe your insanity???? Go home and take a nap. Real EXPERIENCED people are now in charge…fantasy time is over.

    Thanks to you, Carl and the rest of your dream/nightmare team of Paul, Tom and Angela this place is a disaster. Staff was MISERABLE…just look at how fast they all ran when the opportunity presented itself. No one wanted to stay…You’re delusional if you think your mind numbing philosophy worked. Thankfully the adults are now working to clean it up and make things right. Please…stay off the property…we don’t have any time to waste…we wasted enough time over the last two and half to three years. Thank you for all the Disney stories though; they didn’t really help in solving IID problems, but they were entertaining…..and isn’t that what we’re really there for after all?? (yes….that’s sarcasm)

    • Finally someone actually hit the nail on the head with their comments, I agree those Disney stories were great!! The one on one interview that I sat in on was the most confusing interview I’ve been a part of. I was ready to talk about how we could make the IID better and instead I heard about how great Disney was to work for. Not sure why Angela is still around?

    • What happened to the study & report by Ali Al-Fayez, P.E., and former head of planning for American Electric Power? When I was interviewed by him he was very positive about where the IID energy dept. was going, and was complimentary about the same people you seem to detest.

    • Many of your comments are on the mark. Stills was the worse manger the board could have appointed. This board and GM placed Stills as manager of the energy company and Stills then proceeded to remove senior experienced staff to make room for his friends. The same complaints we now hear from Stills and his supporters about the latest manager appointed by the board and GM

  16. Out of Control……you’re a moron and just like Carl you’re wrong…you don’t know who I am and he doesn’t know what he is doing in Energy. Notice you don’t have any facts…hmmmmmm…probably because you don’t work at IID and you have no clue as to how bad Carl, Arn and their useless group really were. Your blind allegiance to Carl indicates that you’re not very bright. If you really cared about the IID, as we do, you would look for facts…not just insult a Board member who ALONG WITH 3 OTHERS determined that Carl and Arn were detrimental to IID operations.
    But clearly you know more than dozens of employees who are glad they’re gone. (yes…dozens…not just 3 or 4…and those are just the ones I can think of)

    I’m sure you’re one of those old chubby Starbucks trolls who sit there with nothing better to do than to listen to Carl’s preaching about how things should go…..if you’re as smart as you think you are you would know that I’m right. You’ve probably gotten tired of his rants but you’re stuck defending him because that’s what trolls do.

    Educate yourself in the issues and quit taking the easy road and just listening to Carl and Arn or the 3 supporters they have. Wake up….your friends were killing the IID. Quit being lazy and look around…..or just drink another cup of coffee and complain…..because…..that’s what trolls do….

    And “HOME”….really?….illegal hiring of a consultant….and laying off of staff??? Really? Are we talking about the same staff that did NOTHING all day….did you ever work with them….clearly you did not. Illegal…??…So now you’re an attorney…you must be…clearly you’re educated. Did you know that Carl demanded everyone else have a higher education even though he does not? Yup…that’s right…high school education only. Driving by a college or looking at one on your computer does not mean you went to college. Do you just drink Starbucks and make stuff up?? Lay off the caffeine!! Better yet….stop writing fiction…you’re not good at it.

  17. I hear about these on line rants, but I have never gotten involved; I figured it’s usually ignorant people who have no clue about what is really going on at the IID. So many of you have opinions, but they’re rarely based on any real facts. For employees who had to deal with Carl Stills and his “do nothing” bunch it has been a tremendous relief having him gone.

    I keep hearing about these 30 year employees and how the IID is some how hurting with them gone; nothing could be further from the truth…if you worked there you would know it…they rarely did anything. People want the IID to have hard working employees who are knowledgeable; the do nothing bunch took a lot of money, but had no “real” experience. Carl was a Water SCADA employee and has no Energy experience. While we’re at it, who made Arn Lahde the expert; Mr. Disney has even less experience than Carl in Energy matters. This philosophy that anyone can manage anything is ridiculous…you have to have real world experience; this is why Carl and his appointees failed miserably. Too proud to admit they don’t know what they are doing and too ignorant to make any decisions. So many IID employees were left with no answers to anything and when they did make a decision it was solely based on how it would effect their career.

    IID employees, especially the one’s previously under Carl are glad he’s gone. The Board is taking a lot of heat, but if the public knew just how many bad decisions Carl and his team made they would be furious; a lot of wasted money.

    I’m sure Arn or Carl will write something in response; however facts are facts…they were a disaster….the worst public service in recent years, poor decision making with regard to Transmission matters and completely disappear when angry customer’s want answers…unless they were throwing money at them to make them go away. To be clear IID should never let Arn on the property again; he has made so much money off of the IID, but he never provides any real service…..that’s been a sham for a long time. Wandering around stumbling and mumbling does not deserve the amount of money he received.

    If you listen to Arn or Carl they would tell you that “many” employees continue to support them and miss them….those 4-5 people he is referring to are more of the do nothing gang. They want more of the meetings where Carl would drone on and on and on for hours, but never really saying anything. It’s time for real leadership and by people who actually have experience in Energy issues.

    Save the IID the trouble of having to continue forward in this manner….stop all the whining and crying and just go away already.

    • As most CEO’s advise, there can be no success for IID without strategy and vision. No success without formal oversight over portfolio, sound financial principles, adherence to procurement services, hiring policies. No success without honesty and integrity,enforcement of ethics and codes of conduct. There can be be no success with a newspaper reporter that can’t bring departments together, stop abuses and criminal behavior. A leader who illegally hires consultants to perform an across the company reduction in staff – directed by an angry director, and an unlicensed auditor. Quack!

    • Sounds like a disorganized rant by a frightened , angry director facing an audit by the Fair Political Practices Commission for hiring, firing, procurement abuses and criminal behavior.

    • I’m guilty of thinking IID employees are some of the sharpest in the world, as they never cease to amaze me with their innovative skills that to keep IID rates so low, and I’m a fan of Carl Stills, who I’ve seen save the IID hundreds of $million. I also believe consultants should provide advice and not be in line management positions where there is opportunity to further their own interests without checks & balances ( commonly referred to as “”feathering your own nest”).


  18. What is the deal with IID having their Mobile Command Trailer at the Fair with 2 four doors 4X4 F-350 parked there all night??? Waste of OT and way to much truck for a reject dive team…. How is IID approving the light bar on those truck???? they are not an emergency vehicles and IID’s Office of Emergency Management are not first responders!!!! Cal-OES, and FEMA don’t have light-bars on their vehicles, why would IID OEM have it??? Sounds to me like a guy or two are just want-a-be’s… I’m just saying this smells like more quacking…

    • We need an audit on the IID Dive Team and OEM. I’m sure we will see that work is not being done just spending money for their personal needs or hobbies on IID’s expense…. And if you put a GPS on those trucks you will see that they are at home, Airwave, Calipat fire station, 5-11, or just driving around doing nothing….. but the dive teams manager says the GM order him to do that….

    • You forgot the two $80,000 Ford expeditions full of equipment that only one person fits, the $60,000 Dive trailer, the $100, 000 command trailer and $40,000 truck to pull it. Eight pieces of equipment for 5 staff that at one time only needed two.

    • It’s a matter of response time. When you are dealing with a canal you cannot be fast enough. In-house response is immediate. Outside contractors may not even be readily available. Kuhn understands this. He understands that minutes save lives!

      • That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s look at the cost and go from there. Kuhn obviously is an idiot if he’s gonna believe that in house non-professionals are better than the professionals on the outside. The sheriff department and border patrol do not charge to save lives. How much is it costing the IID to have this dive team ran by an unexperienced manager/supervisor………… IID is about providing water and energy to their customers!!! Kuhn needs to understand that. Saving lives if for Law enforcement, Fire, and EMT’s….. Not want-a-be’s that couldn’t be professionals in the outside of IID. Let’s get OSHA’s opinion on all this……… The bottom line is that you don’t have the right people running this team the right way. Kuhn has his friend who wants to be something and is doing things the wrong way an is spending ridiculous amount of money on equipment thats not needed………… Let’s have an audit and have OSHA evaluate everything…. But no more Kuhn!!!!!

        • A ridiculous amount of money is paying ZG’S employees with no degrees over $300 per hour to do work better done by local professional engineers. As a community minded, caring person Kuhn voted against this multi million$ boondoggle, but voted with majority to save lives- mad to think otherwise.

          • I agree that ZG is a waste of money and they are costing IID millions as well. ZG must be gone ASAP! But just cause Kuhn voted against that he is good??? I sorry but he is not. If he cares about saving life’s then he needs to go elsewhere. Listen, IID is here to provide water and energy to the rate payers!!!!! IID is not here to be saving life’s………… ZG, IID Dive Team , and Kuhn must go…………

            • Vote to buy trucks was 5-0. Dessert, Galindo, Hanks and Benson voted for ZG. What directors disrespected local employees, wasted $Millions and jeopardized IID’s future?

        • Well, I know nothing about the funds being put into the dive team, and I won’t speak to the necessity of the equipment and/or the team. But one thing I would like to say is that if your argument about Hatfield not being qualified to run the team is because it should be done by EMT/Fire/Law Enforcement….I think you need to do a little fact checking before your use his ‘lack of experience’ as the basis for your argument. Before coming to the IID, Hatfield had a long career as an Imperial County Fire fighter, who are also trained EMT’s…I believe he was there in excess of 20 years. His time there included time on the bomb squad where he was tasked with training of a specialized team. During his time at the ICFD, he was also a reserve Police Officer….I believe a Captain…with the Imperial Police Department. For at least 10 years.

          So like I said before, I know nothing about the need for the dive team, but your argument about his qualifications to run it are invalid.

  19. Another fiasco at IID is the IID Local Entity – did they not check the background of the person running the program? They should have checked the former employer – San Diego State University. It reflects badly on the IID Board and their decision making.

    • With IID run like the KGB everyone is afraid to say anything for fear of losing their job. The threats from ZGlobal are clear and spies like the Posse and Mad Matt want to fire you. It’s not like it was. Must keep heads down and do as you’re told. Can’t trust the directors anymore except Kuhn.

      • ZG$$$$ and the new outside managers treat IID employee with contempt and disrespect. They show no respect and treat as IID employees are worthless. Guess 100years of local ownership does not matter.
        We cannot believe this is what the board wanted.

    • Ben Franklin publish as Poor Richard, Samuel Celemens was Mark Twain, the Federalist Papers were written under pen names. Maybe history and reality will show you the error of your statement.

    • So you are saying that Hatfield has experience as a dive manager???? We don’t want to be part of a shady-no-need IID Dive Team. We are questioning is the misuse of rate payers funds, and that its being pushed by Kuhn who should focus on real issue an not letting want-to-be’s destroyed IID…… Why does IID need a dive team if the ICSO has one and so does Border Patrol????? Why is the IID dive team touching dead bodies in the canals???? That right there my friend is a misdemeanor!!!! ZG and the Dive Team must be cut from IID……

    • No, son-in-law worked for Irby 15 years ago, and brother retired from IID after 40 years. Don’t think Irby ever tried a takeover like ZG! Haven’t seen a risk analysis of any of ZG recommendations. Why? Just not good business!

      • I’m not your son, and I was an irby employee for a long time,i saw what irby did to the hikingbottoms, son in law, son, grandson, none had lineman experience, while good hand got terminated, they got to stay , until they finally got rid of them,

  20. What everyone needs to do is look at who is doing wrong. Yes ZG is bad for IID, but what about this IID Dive Team??? You have this IID Dive Team that is a waste of money and Director Kuhn is supporting it. How much money is this costing IID and the rate payers?? Did all the members of the dive team get a complete physical from an certified Dive Doctor??? Why is Gary Hatfield the supervisor of this dive team if he has not experience??? Why is the GM letting Hatfield add after market tires and rims to 2 four door F-350 4X4 diesel trucks with a camper shell????

    • And why are the two IID’s F-350 trucks park at the fair??? Is IID paying OT for these employees to just act like cops at the fair???? What does Hatfield have on Kuhn to get away with murder at the IID???? looks like Kuhn needs to be removed from the board on this election….

      • If you dive into this takeover mess by ZGlobal you’d see Kuhn is the only one voting against the takeover! Hollywood has Mad Max – IID has Mad Matt – romove him to start with!

  21. ZG used Cunning, Greed and Favors to INFILTRATE, GROW & CONTROL what was a locally run utility with lowest rates and a bright future. Quack!

    Shame on GM, Attorney, Auditor. Quack, Quack

  22. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!

    Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.

  23. Sounds like an elaborate ruse to replace veteran managers and engineers with Zglobal opportunists gone wrong – loyalty traded for favors!

  24. The GM and the Board screwed up & had to place the fired employees back on administrative leave so they could do the investigation the GM claimed was done. And, the Board voted for these firings based on lies presented by the GM to bring in ZGlobal to replace veteran IID energy managers and engineers.

  25. There is definitely a lot of quackery going and at least a few more quacks.

    ZGlobal access to closed session and confidential information. Quack.

    ZGlobal Working directly for legal on related issues from which they benefit. Quack.

    ZGlobal working for the auditor on projects for which they directly benefit. Quack.

    This duck is hoarse.

  26. Shorty has used humor to expose a serious ethical & legal violations beng ignored. The Board owes the employees and public an explanation – Now!

  27. Checked out Kasarjian bio & he was working for ZGlobal when hired and immediately hired ZGlobal without biding out the engineering work. Right on shorty! Now they are using the contract for transmission planning services to manage the entire engineering department and asset management including Water. And they are now looking at outsourcing other functions. IID used to provide good for locals, now sending outside, or eliminating. Why? Board needs to explain!

  28. If IID sells its assets does the money go to all the Directors or just the ones that voted for the sale. Will the public get anything, or just the Directors.. Why did IID hire such conflicted people. Desert seems like Menville, But where is Stella?..

    • the money goes to the people who were sold out. the directors don’t get the money, that is a foolish idea to start with. look closely and a possible but unrealistic plan would be to sell off and finance the water side therefore it benefits one group

      • What about Director James Hanks nephew Matt Macdonald..He was Troubleshooter Superintendent but after a lot of wrong doings and complaints filed against him for harassment and Discrimination they moved Troubleshooters to Operations Dept while they Promoted Macdonald in line Construction and Maintance to Asst Manager…in the past they remove Superintendents and place them hidden in a closet 1.Eddie Villanueva 2.Hector Ochoa 3.Fernando Gutierrez, while Macdonald got a Promotion… Why dId Power Manager Promoted Macdonald because the other Gentlemen are Hispanics and he is white? Or is Power Manager paying Director James Hanks back fpr hiring him? Or both?
        IID employees are tired of all the corruption in different areas and departments but are afraid to say something because of retaliation.

          • Actually I don’t really care I am not an IID employee anymore but have a lot of friends good friends that still work there, it is sad to hear all the mess going on with different departments and thanks to the cowards that don’t speak up or the ones getting favors and promotions thanks to relatives or bosses they kiss up to…Glad i’m out of that place but feel bad for the good employees

          • Sooner the FPPC gets into town the better. Shame IID was sold out by what started out as a a people’s board, but lined their pockets for a few bottles of snake oil, promises and favors.

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