IID Hires Deputy Energy Manager to Manage Assets


Timothy BergIMPERIAL COUNTY – Imperial Irrigation District announces the hiring of Timothy Berg as deputy energy manager for asset management.

Berg has a distinguished utility industry career spanning 30 years. He is the newest deputy manager to join the IID energy team as the district works to realign personnel and reporting relationships to strengthen the utility.

Berg most recently served as manager of corporate business development at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

His utility jobs have encompassed business development, engineering, operations, construction, asset management, start-up development, sales and customer service. He has held utility positions as director of operations and design, corporate director of strategy, vice president of communications and vice president of utilities.

Berg has also served at Sierra Pacific Power Company (now NVEnergy North), as vice president utilities at MasTec Corporation and as vice president at Network West and Golden State Energy.

He is a graduate of Sacramento State University and holds a bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He has served on public and private boards and is a patent holder.


  1. When was Asset Management position posted? Why is he needed? Don’t HR rules apply any more at IID? Asset management includes Water! When did their authority expand to Water? Is he taking over the trading floor too? Deja vu!!!

  2. Here’s a guy with Bershire Hatheway ties and business development. Sell the retail power? Also, heard he has brought in someone to look at outsourcing jobs, which has been suggested many times. Shouldn’t the employees who have worked many years be given due process & consideration. Four board members are letting these guys mess with the local economy!

  3. Most of the fired employees were Hispanic… The new hires are very white… IID was found to be predudice agains hispanics years ago…. Where is Stella when we need her.???.. What happened to Norma?..

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