IID highlights assistance programs



EL CENTRO – At their regular meeting of September 24, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors were given an update by staff on several assistance programs for low-income residents.

The residential energy assistance program was developed to help income-qualifying customers in paying their bills.

The average billing program is available to all customers.

It allows customers to level out their monthly electric bill and avoid the swing in the high bills in summer and the low bills in winter. The customer pays the same amount for 11 months and on the 12th month, the account is reconciled, usually plus or minus $50 or less. To find the monthly rate, IID averages the previous year’s bills and adds 7%.

The average billing program is one of the requirements to participate in the REAP program.

REAP or the Residential Energy Assistance Program was designed to provide customers with a discounted rate on their electric bill.

Qualifying non-seniors receive a 20% discount with annual renewal required.

Qualifying seniors receive a 30% discount with renewal required every two years.

EEAP or the Emergency Energy Assistance Program assists customers facing disconnection for non-payment. EEAP is available quarterly to REAP customers. Customers may qualify for up to $125 per quarter, but they must pay the excess of $125 before their pledge is approved.

To request EEAP assistance, a final notice is required, unless the customer is over the age of 65.

MEEUAP or the Medical Equipment Energy Usage Assistance Program reduces the electric rate for residential customers who use in-home medical equipment to sustain the life of a household member or prevent deterioration of the person’s medical condition.

Projected cost of these programs for 2013 is $5,669,964.