IID extends GM Kevin Kelley’s contract

Kevin Kelley
IID General Manager Kevin Kelley


EL CENTRO – In their closed session Tuesday, May 28, 2013, the IID Board of Directors voted to extend General Manager Kevin Kelley’s employment for 2 years.

Ross Simmons
IID General Counsel Ross Simmons

“The IID Board approved a 2 year extension to the employment of IID’s General Manager Kevin Kelley,” said IID General Counsel Ross Simmons. “The vote in favor of this action was 5 to 0. Terms of employment are contained in a written agreement which is not yet in final form, but will be publically distributed when finalized.”


Kelley’s original contract for 2 years began May 17, 2011.


“I think this is an acknowledgement by the Board that the issues we are dealing with today are going to extend into the future,” said Kelley. “It will take at least 2 years to bring them to some sort of resolution. It would be tough to get any traction within the organization for any length of time less than that. I’m glad they did it.”





  1. It can only get better at IID with Arn Lahde’s help and Frank Barbara’s tehnical support. I’m excited for the first time in years.Carl Stills is doing a great job getting the SOC under control and making millions of dollars.

    • Stills seems comfortable in his current position. He should, he’s been dealing with the issues at hand for a long time.

  2. Homegirl,you need to get a life. IID is positioned for a leadership role in water & energy. It has made several positive changes and will move ahead with Kelley.

    • Be nice to homegirl- she may a bit of a ball buster but her unwavering advocacy for the delivery of cost effective services to “ALL” the ratepayers is only well intended in support of this poorest of the poor communities. It is not an exaggeration or political posturing on behalf of any special interests when stated that hundreds of millions of IID ratepayer dollars are being lost, stolen and wasted. You’ve surely seen and heard it by now…..right Arn?

    • Basil- if you don’t mind me saying- you are a really smart guy with a productive and positive outlook and attitude. Cups always 1/2 full never 1/2 empty with you. Much respect. hg

      • Zero qualifications. The powers that be are confused as they think qualification is about politics when in actuality it is all about business management experience and expertise. The Board doesn’t have a clue of how ineffective and inefficient the business operation is. A qualified GM functions as the center of the wheel business person that also acts as a firewall between the business operation and the politics of the Board. Kelley does not function as the center of the wheel but solely on the political side. The result is that politics, corruption and graft will continue within the IID business operation. The IID business train will continue on down the tracks aimlessly for another 2 years now without an engineer as hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars continue to be lost, stolen and wasted and more sophisticated outside business and public agency influences smile and wave as they blow by with our region’s financial benefit in tow. Tuesday was a real bad day for our ratepayers and our region.

        • I think it will get better.This is the best group of directors we’ve had. They are providing needed leadership and direction. I think thye will weed out the e problems using Barbara and Lahde and improvte the company from top to bottom. The morale is alredy bettre because ther is hope.

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