IID dedicates Unit 3 Repower Project



IID Director Stella Mendoza christens Unit 3


EL CENTRO – The Imperial Irrigation District held their Repower Project dedication ceremony Tuesday, November 27th, for the El Centro Generating Station Unit 3.

The $250 million project is a nominally rated 140 megawatt natural gas fired, combined cycle project. The El Centro Unit 3 increases IID’s generation capacity, overall system reliability, and fuel efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project is central to IID’s long term strategic plan to identify and serve the growing energy needs of the utility and its 145,000 customers in Imperial County and parts of Riverside and San Diego counties.

Repowering involves replacing or substantially upgrading a power plant with state of the art technology to improve efficiency and environmental performance. The El Centro Unit 3 is equipped with the best available control technology to manage air pollution emissions and consumes one third of the water than the original unit on a per megawatt basis. The repowered unit will also be 45 percent more fuel efficient than the original unit.

The ceremony featured guest speakers such as California Assemblyman Manuel Perez, IID General Manager Kevin Kelley, and IID Board of Directors President John Pierre Menvielle.

Construction on the project began August, 2010. El Centro Unit 3 went into commercial operation on October 5, 2012.

IID is the third largest public power provider in California, managing more than 1,000 MW of energy derived from a number of resources, including natural gas, coal, fuel oil, hydro, and nuclear. IID plans to integrate renewable energy into its mix generated from solar, biomass, and geothermal resources.

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  1. Too much political PR and not enough real work getting done around here. Must say Kelly knows how to do a dog and pony show. But time to get down and dirty-elimenate the purely political GM and get a professional manager in here to roll up her/his sleeves and get dirty and to straighten this mess out once and for all. Too many stops and starts over many many years-a full and effective re organization of the ineffective and inefficient IID business has never ever taken hold. Hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be lost stolen or wasted from this poorest of the poor communities. Stella looks good though all strapped up doing her job breaking the bottle on the plant. That you Stell? Just a few more days on the big stage old girl.

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