IID chooses new security service



Jason Jackson (left), President of Southwest Security, appeals to the IID board with Kelly Senados (right), Vice President of Securitas, awaiting her turn to address the board. Lloyd Miller photo.

EL CENTRO — The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Board of Directors voted to approve Securitas Security Services, Inc. as their new security service Tuesday at their regular meeting in Condit Auditorium.

This item was brought to the board at their last meeting. Director Norma Galindo was absent. The vote was tied two to two. Staff was instructed to bring the item back to this meeting.

The board chose Securitas over seven other proposals received, including current service provider, Southwest Protective Securities, Inc. The $2,842,069 contract is for two years.

The vote was three to two. Directors Norma Galindo, Eric Ortega, and Bruce Kuhn voted for Securitas, Directors James Hanks and Juanita Salas voted against Securitas.

The Human Resources Department sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the second time and eight proposals were received. The first RFP that sent out a year ago that was determined to be flawed, so a second RFP was sent out.

The selection panel consisted of IID Energy, Water, General Services, Information Technology, and Human Resources Departments. Securitas was the staff recommendation for both RFP’s for highest ranked and lowest bid.

Each proposal was scored by a point system. The top three proposals were Securitas, 558.7 total points, U.S. Security Associates, 473.9 total points, and Southwest Security, 418.9 total points. Criteria for points included competence, experience, management, cost, local vendor, etc.

Southwest Security Services owner, Jason Jackson, appealed to the board, declaring Southwest Security was the only true local provider. Jackson explained how he gives to local charities and buys local.

IID Board President Bruce Kuhn noted that he gives to charities, as do others, but that he does not point that out. “It’s a good thing you give to charities,” said Kuhn. “I give to charities. I was also elected to shepherd the community’s money.”

Securitas and U.S. Security Associates both have local offices. All three top proposals received the local points, according to IID Manager of General Services, Jennifer Goodsell.

“I want to apologize to the staff for the last meeting for the aggressive interrogation you had to endure for the security presentation,” said Director Norma Galindo. “There is no need for that. Staff has done a lot of work on this matter and they deserve respect. The process has been done twice, it was an arduous task, and it was done with integrity and fairness. The transparency of the process is very important. I am satisfied with the outcome of this new process.”