IID Board is presented final Plan B for QSA



(September 6, 2012. El Centro) The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors held a Special Meeting Wednesday to hear a presentation by Charles DuMars, Esq., with Law & Resource Planning Associates, on a contingency plan for the Quantification Settlement Agreement or Plan B.

This was the fourth and final presentation to the Board by DuMars.

With the final report, DuMars offered three resolutions for the Boards consideration.

The first resolution calls for acceptance of the final report, the second is adoption of guiding principles to be used by the Board on a going-forward basis, and the third is an establishment of  committees charged with developing  the ‘Critical Path Forward’ for the QSA.

These resolutions will be considered and brought up for action at the September 18th IID Board Meeting.

Some of the critical points of the plan are;

*The QSA is merely an agreement and not a charter for IID to be governed by.

*The original QSA agreement should be updated to current realities and be adaptable.

*Only the water conserved should be the water transferred.

* On-farm conservation requires high participation and flexibility.

*Overall water operations costs and QSA costs for conservation should be evaluated separately.

*The State of California’s commitment to fund excess mitigation will probably not happen.

*The outlook for the Colorado River looks as if it may be diminished while demand rises.

*The IID must not allow the pressure of California to leverage water rights away from IID ratepayers.

September 12th at the Lions Center in Brawley at 5:00 p.m. and the Calexico City Hall September 13th at 5:00 p.m. DuMars will host community outreach meetings for the public.

In other IID business, the Board adopted a resolution declaring an emergency with the IID water/power systems related to the August 26 swarm of earthquakes that caused damages to IID infrastructure. This would make the IID eligible for funding from the California Emergency Management Agency.


  1. More of the same small minded focus, dialog and behavior leads to more of the same chronic “cirus like atmosphere” as hundred of millions of dollars and control of our regional self determination are taken away by more sophisticated coastal public agencies and business interests. It is a terrible terrible diservice and loss to this poorest of the poor communities which has the potential and resources to be so independent, prosperous and strong. I urge you to be a part of the solution not the problem.

    • All I’ll need is a bullet proof vest, an enhanced and enforced IID governance policy, a new dress and I’m ready to go Tom Foolery!

  2. More and more Neandrathal behavior name calling, food fights personal confrontation. No wonder more sophisticated outside public agencies and business interests continue to blow right by having to deal with us at IID as the financial benefit and control of our region continues to be lost. What’s new? How about addressing a bigger issue here?-another out of town legal firm (consultant) has managed to sustain keeping their mitts in our shorts recommending and proposing to facilitate 5 committees down a parallel path toward proactive management of the QSA issue. We need a another law firm to do that, right?, and an out of town one not licensed to practice law in the State of California. A real professional GM would have easily come up with this simple proactive business solution himself but instead we again pay x2 for the incompetence of this IID GM. We are being bamboozled once again by paying $300 an hour to Law Research Planning Associates, as a “consultant”, for common business solutions we are already paying a GM to come up with and facilitate. Mental masturbation!!!!!Somehow every semi intelligent out of town consultant passing through always seems to manage to get their mitts in our shorts for at least a couple of years to the tune of about million bucks or more. Hundreds of millions of dollars of ratepayer/regional hard earned money, in this poorest of the poor communities, continues to be wasted, lost or stolen while the control over the future of our region continues to wither away with incompetence and mis management. Ready, Fire, Aim…..

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