IID board deadlock results in no passage of Minute 319


The Imperial Irrigation District held a special meeting late Friday afternoon to to discuss the 319 agreement.


This agreement was developed by the International Boundary and Water Commission after the 2010 Easter earthquake that damaged Mexico’s canal system.


The Agreement would allow Mexico to store their allotment of Colorado River water in a reservoir upstream. Arizona and Nevada would pay for repairs to the Mexicali Agricultural water system, damaged in the 2010 magnitude 7.2 earthquake. In exchange, the two states would have access to some of the stored water.


The IID participation in the agreement would not provide the District with any benefits or extra water. With a 2-2 vote, a majority was not reached resulting in the IID passing on participation.


  1. Leadership and common sense are lacking. there is too much cronyism and corruption for greed. Garber has mocked legal procedures for his friendsand so have Marcie and friends in HR and Breking will twist the figures for anyone regadless of reality, We cam’t have this anymore and I hope these directors won’t stand for it and bring it out in the open – not behind closed doors.

    • Freddie- we just need a vetted and sage professional manager as GM, a 5 year committment to re org process in order to fully break the old crony culture with uniform, proven and enforced processes and procedures. Weed out those who, for whatever reason, can’t get with a uniform and enforced business culture structure. Believe me Freddie- 95% of us folks want this business chaos and circus like work enviornment to end. To be proud of where we work, what we do and what we get accomplished everyday.

  2. the ideas are sound girl, the method of achievement is the question. leadership inside the iid is looked upon as a curse, not a blessing. the iid concept of leadership is cronys doing ones bidding and staff following diretion no matter how illogical, illegal, or immoral.

    the election cycle does have its problems, with several employees playing 24/7 politics or using real or imagined board member support to get raises and promotions. the competent employees are not interviewed as the process is too tightly controlled by the person doing the hiring and hr making up rules as they go to freeze out the best choices. look at the people involved with hiring and see how many relatives, how many people illiterate in the english language, and how many children of employees are magically qualified. this will demonstrate why the first group to be dissolved should be that one.

      • Yes- quick get back under that desk again Joe. Because- hopefully this time the IID Board will be smarter, tougher, and fully committed for the duration to stick with and execute an IID business optimization plan that finally delivers transparent, cost effective and efficient water and electric services. Once and for all finally stopping the hundreds of millions of dollars of lost, stolen and wasted financial resources from being sucked out of this poorest of the poor communities.

  3. Homegirl talks about fixing the IID, but where would she start? Sounds like a mess. GM? Legal? Finance? HR? All? Listening around at coffee shops and overhearing gripes by employees at gatherings these are the areas I hear the most complaints about. Is it incompetence, lazineness,greed, or dishonesty? All?

    • Spotlight- start with leadership and building effective processes, procedures throughout. IID is a very poorly organized, defensive and un collaborative work environment. GM first replaced by a professional manager who has successfully executed such a business operation turn around. Must have compassion for employees and staff. Contrary to popular belief, staff and management have been beat up by constant change/fear and have emotionally contracted in and out with every two year political cycle. We must separate politics from the business operation by way of enhanced and enforced governance policy. This will also help take the incompetence of cronyism out of the IID business operation. Start in HR to get control of the business culture and move from an incompetent crony business environment to one based upon merit and reward. HR itself is administered by 45-50 staff and for an organization this size it should be around 25. Aside from replacing the GM to attain the expertise to pull off the re org- leave everyone else alone until the new leader smells, listens, knows the doers and can visualize how to effectively and efficiently re vamp the business organization. I have mentioned many times the management report that the Brady Bunch left behind. As unpopular as the Brady Bunch is/was this report is a good template and roadmap to design a very effective re org. We don’t have to re invent the wheel and waste more time. IID business analysts, in essence, put the report together- it is very relative and has great substance- some 280 recommendations. That will get us started.

  4. Carrrots & peas? How about oil & water! Need contrasts! Homeboy! Homeboy! Homeboy! Homeboy!

    Did anyone else see the article about the 319 Agreement in the LA times & how Mendoza & Menvielle were lauded about trying to give away our water? Good riddance!

  5. Homeboy, you are better than this! Please rephrase and keep us informed. Who needs four letter words anyway. We need you and Homegirl! Homegirl wants you to take your ball and go home. Don’t do it! We need balanced comment.

    • I only exist because of my homeboy. He isn’t going anywhere- “I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go…. there isn’t a mountain too steep, there isn’t ocean too deep to keep me away, away from my love.I love him, I love him, I love him and where he goes I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow……”

      Time for productivity and to leave the unproductive, divisive and petty politics and name calling in the past. No mas- hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be lost, stolen or wasted from our poorest of the poor communities due to IID’s “circus like” business environment!!!

      • i wish it was that easy girl .. policy will not fix the iid. a new culture, and not the mexicali culture, needs to be established. the petty tyrants pushing the sheep must be eliminated. the first thing is an honest employment group in hr, then energy needs massive re direction.

  6. We don’t delete comments based on opinion stated. We only delete if you choose to use profanity while expressing said opinion.

    • Thank you LLoyd you are indeed a gentlemen. Fortunately I didn’t see the vulgarity spewd toward me by my Prince of Darkness homeboy.I know it would have just un nerved me as sensitive as I am. You spared me such trauma and embarrassment. These vocal minority 10% water ag/water interest political agitators can be such ruffians. Homeboy will be back-hopefully this time with something contructive and productive to offer to the mix. Bless him- he has such good information at times but he just can’t seem to control that mean spirit of his.

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