IID approves revised Equitable Distribution Plan



EL CENTRO – At a special meeting on Monday, October 28, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) Board of Directors adopted a resolution approving a revised Equitable Distribution Plan (EDP).

The EDP has been adopted since 2007 to apportion IID’s annual water supply to its water users.

Working with the Water Conservation Committee (WCC), the EDP has been revised several times.

This year it was revised as a result of the 2013 pilot program implementation of a straight-line apportionment for part of the year.

IID staff is preparing for payback requirements of 154,738 acre-feet of water due to overruns in 2011 and 2012. The overruns must be paid back in 2014 with no overruns in the payback year and the EDP with help with equitable distribution of the available water supply in 2014.

IID staff proposed to use the straight-line apportionment of the pilot program and it is the preferred method recommended by the WCC.

At their regular meeting of October 22, the IID Board could not come to an agreement on the straight-line apportionment and the resolution failed.

Staff was asked to bring back information on historical use.

Other methods of apportionment were discussed by the WCC including straight-line, historical use, soil based, and hybrid methods, but the majority favored the straight-line form of apportionment.

Staff brought to the Board the straight-line apportionment and the hybrid of the straight-line and historical use apportionment for 2014.

The Board voted to adopt the 50%/50% hybrid of straight-line/historical use for the method of implementation of apportionment for the year of 2014.

The Board chose the 2.86-7.86 acre-foot per acre with the 36,000 acre-foot reserve.

IID staff is preparing procedures for implementation including the implementation of the agriculture water clearinghouse, enforcement procedures, and an overrun payback program. These procedures will be presented to the Board in November.

IID General Manager Kevin Kelley will adjust timing requirements to provide adequate time for notifications to be sent out and a period for adjustments to be considered prior to forms being completed.