IID Approves New Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Power Contract



EL CENTRO — Imperial Irrigation District will be delivering more renewable energy to its customers over the course of the next 50 years, thanks to an agreement to secure additional energy from Hoover Dam.

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the IID Board of Directors approved the Boulder Canyon Project Implementation Agreement and electric services contract that will provide the district with an additional 3 megawatts of renewable energy from the dam, bringing the reallocation total up to 10 megawatts.

Under the Hoover Power Allocation Act of 2011, 11.5 megawatts of energy were allocated to California entities. The district competed for the power with 33 Native American tribes and 74 non-tribal entities.

“This is an example of how IID is working to diversify its energy portfolio while, at the same time, investing in low cost energy resources,” said IID Board President Norma Sierra Galindo. “It serves as an important reminder of the true nexus between water and power.”

IID will receive the energy at Blythe, paying an all-in rate of $27-$29 per megawatt-hour, as compared to IID’s all-in average which ranges between $50 – $75 per megawatt-hour. Delivery will begin Oct. 1, 2017.

IID staff procured transmission service across the Western Area Power Administration in five-year increments, affording the district roll-over rights.

Historically, IID receives additional hydroelectric generation from the Parker Davis system. The amount of generation received varies by season, between 8-26 megawatts.

Hoover Dam was completed in 1935. Legislation enacted in 1928, which called for the construction of the dam, included hydroelectric power contracts to help fund the cost of the dam. The dam provides energy to a number of utilities in the West. Initial power contracts took effect in 1937 and were for a duration of 50 years. Prior to their 1987 expiration, Congress approved 30-year renewals; current contracts expire September 2017.


  1. Why is the former manager of the System Operations center still trying to run the department. He seems to be doing more managing now than he did when he was the manager. He makes daily phone calls or sends text messages and attempts to operate the bulk electric system from the trading floor. (All calls are recorded) Or directs traders to question operations. Funny how everything he questions were the same when he was the manager and have now become problems he thinks he has to fix from the valley plaza. He continues to jump the chain of command and completely undermines the new management. The reasons or reason for his sudden transfer may never be known but his lack of respect for his colleagues is quite obvious. His shoot from the hip mentality was no way to operate or manage the system operations center and the main reason most weren’t upset to watch the gate close behind him. Set you people free!

  2. Regardless the public will still be lied to and cheated. Consultants are destroying the IID for their own enrichment. Look into the attacks on employees and the money being flushed down the drain. It is not a pretty sight.

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