IID announces hiring of Energy Department deputy manager


IID front yardImperial Irrigation District is pleased to announce the hiring of Pete Garris as deputy manager of the district’s Energy Department.

Garris has a long and distinguished utility industry career, approaching 50 years with a number of organizations, including: Western Area Power Administration, California Department of Water Resources, California Independent System Operator, Northern California Power Agency and Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

Garris joins IID Energy Department Manager Vicken Kasarjian, who, in October, began heading up the department, realigning personnel and reporting relationships to strengthen the utility. Garris’ main duties will be oversight of system operations in La Quinta and Imperial with a focus on resolving customer issues in the La Quinta service area.

Kasarjian said the addition of Garris’ depth of experience and standing in the industry sends the right message at a time of fundamental change in the electric utility business in California and throughout the West. The appointment is part of important steps being taken to respond to the demands and expectations of an evolving energy landscape.

Prior to joining IID, Garris held varying positions of responsibility, starting his career as an apprentice operator with Con Ed in 1966, then going from a journey level power plant operator to deputy director with California Department of Water Resources for both the Davis and Schwarzennager administrations and finally retiring from the Western Area Power Administration in 2014 as vice president of regional power operations manager for the Sierra Nevada region.

Over the years Garris’ areas of responsibility included hydroelectric and thermal power plants, pumping plants, dams, reservoirs, water treatment facilities, sub-stations, switching centers, control rooms (water and electricity), trading operations (electricity and natural gas), transmission operations and development, management and executive.


  1. Looks like Garris has a lot to learn. IID operations are more sophisticated than he’s used to working with. Normally the employees ask questions from their boss. Going to slow down operations & hope the board understands this.

  2. So IID has a newspaper reporter as a GM and a non-engineer who was his buddy – (who never even had to fill out an application ) in charge of the energy department! And the bumpkins on the board want us to believe that they did not know any of this was coming?!!! Or are they all to busy looking at their new Rolex’s and counting their new piles of money? My question is just when did they all sell out IID to the highest bid for the benefit of their own pocketbook?

    • ZG has been around since Brady Bunch and are only survivors of the sellouts to CAiSO. They’ve made millions and spread it around to GM, Attorney and key staff like auditor, and hire sons and cousins of directors.. Big question is , “for all the millions spent on ZG what have they delivered other than favors?” They recommended filing the lawsuit, though IID energy management recommended against. Is this why they were paid millions and threw energy management under the bus – was it in case the lawsuit failed?

  3. Don’t recall seeing this posted. Any truth to grapevine. A friend of Vicken & interviews not needed? Another example of return to GOB cronies again?

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