I.C. Native Louis Fuentes Discusses Air Conditioning Policies in Washington DC

(left) Imperial County native Louis Fuentes discusses air conditioning, air quality policies and industry issues in Washington DC.
IMPERIAL COUNTY — Imperial Valley Native and Former Gov. Schwarzenegger Appointee Louis Fuentes was in Washington DC this week discussing Air Conditioning and Air Quality Policy and Industry issues.  Fuentes is part of a White House roundtable as it relates to Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that regulate Higher Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems.
The meeting took place with top officials from the EPA, Department of Energy as well as the President’s White House Council on Environmental Quality’s Director of Public Engagement.
“The mandates that have recently been put in place by DOE and EPA on higher efficiency systems are a great tool to help reduce energy demand and Energy Costs for consumers, But… if the higher efficiency Air Conditioning Systems are not installed properly by a Good Contractor that knows what he’s doing, the efficiency that the consumer thought he was getting is LOST at the time of install.” Said Fuentes.  “As an AC Contractor we need to make sure that any money that is being given to the states or Electric Utilities have a clause that requires them to use an accredited and approved Air Conditioning Contractor that is following Quality Installation procedures. We do it with our customer base so that our customers are receiving the highest energy savings possible.  But some contractors are simply not qualified and are doing a disservice to consumers.”
Louis Fuentes is Owner of Air Conditioning Guys Inc- A Becerril Family Company since 1951, with headquarters in Imperial, Ca and offices in San Diego and Coachella Valley.  Also US director of B Air Ductless Mini Split Manufacturing.  A Board Member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) representing over 4,000 HVAC contractors across the country and one of only 2  board members from California.