Holtville residents seek chance to upgrade their mobile homes

Ray Castillo
Esperanza Colio, Supervisor Ray Castillo, Dist.5, and Alexander P. Meyerhoff, Holtville City Manager discuss the CalHome Program

HOLTVILLE – The City of Holtville invited all low-income mobile home owners to an informational housing meeting to see if they qualified and were interested in CalHome Housing funds that were available.

The California funding became available after the 2012 August earthquake centered in Brawley. The series of earthquakes damaged Palmer Auditorium and shook mobile homes off of their foundation.

The funding replaced 11 mobile homes in Brawley and repaired 4 others. However, there were still funds available, and County Supervisor Ray Castillo contacted Holtville to help the residents at Spanish Trails Mobil Home Park.

Approximately $500,000 was left over, but the money could only be used to replace or repair mobile homes. There were other criteria the state required, one was that the owner actually lived in the mobile home, that the owner agreed to live in the home for 20 years after receiving aid. The owner could not sell or rent out the space. If the owner wanted the trailer to pass to his children, their names would have to be listed as co-owners and the combined income could not go over the earnings threshold.

As long as they live in their new or remodeled mobile homes, the loans would be forgiven and nothing would be owed the State of California, if they did sell, or rent out their home, then they would be required to pay back the loan.

Esperanza Colio, Community & Economic Development Manager, explained the conditions to the twenty plus attendees in Spanish and English. She stressed the option of replacing homes where possible. “If they do minor repairs or get a new home, the 20 year living in the space is a requirement. Therefore, it makes sense just to get a new mobile home.”


Colio brought staff along with her to aid the residents in filling out the government applications and to insure they qualified as low-income resident/owners.