High School Madness Hits Fair: Cows Remain Unaffected


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HSM 14


IMPERIAL — Madness ensued Monday as hundreds of loyal students represented their high schools, dominating the main stage at the Imperial Valley Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta, unleashing a storm of cheers, boos, and outstanding displays of school spirit.


There was no lack of excitement as even the most timid spirits had to dive into the crowds just to enter the stands and then find their designated seating areas. Some students showed up an hour before the caution tape was removed. Little effort was needed in identifying each student’s affiliation as many arrived completely geared up in their school’s attire and proudly displaying academic and athletic patches on their letterman jackets.


It wasn’t long before all the booths were stuffed with students from all six schools in the Imperial Valley, the stands becoming a palette of vivid colors.


As the last of the students jammed into the arena before the gates were finally locked, it was quickly apparent that many had spent hours preparing for the night’s events. Many zealous students had covered their bodies with their school colors in demonstration of support for their institution.


And it wasn’t just their outfits making a loud statement. Despite the rain, mud, and cold, nothing hindered the students from sounding off. As all six schools roared and cheered in fierce competition, the entire fair was unwittingly tuned-in to High School Madness.

Each school’s on-stage representative likewise had to contend with the din and clamor of the crowds, trying to audibly guide the students, but to little avail, hence the madness. As everyone cheered and shouted in unison, the show went on with some very spectacular demonstrations of the schools’ marching bands highlighting the musical abilities within each school. Even so, the crowds were not silent, as the six schools competed for points that go toward “spirit points” which are awarded to the school with the most spirit.


Cheerleaders performed original routines based on student-crafted song medleys, a tug-of-war competition was just as strenuous for the crowd as it was for the competitors, and students stepped up to some unusual challenges: a two-people lettuce-carrying race, cow milking, with mascot dancing closing out the contests.


The students of Brawley High were awarded this year’s title of Most Spirited School, but the award did little to silence anyone. Even after the events were officially over, Brawley was not shy in letting the other five schools know who exactly were this year’s decisive winners.

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