Help for earthquake victims will be a long, slow process



Displaced persons and business owners begin the process of securing help
Displaced persons and business owners begin the slow process of securing help from the government

(September 4, 2012. Brawley) The Imperial Valley Disaster Recovery Team held their assistance workshop Friday and Saturday at the Teen Center of Brawley located directly north of the Lions Center.

The coalition of community members, businesses, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations gathered in one hall to give assistance to those earthquake victims that were displaced from their homes or to businesses that were damaged by the recent swarm of earthquakes. The Red Cross was also involved with this event.

Saturday Brawley City Manager, Rosanna Bayon Moore said, “This has been a busy day for all of the participating agencies and for the affected dislocated residents to access services. We’re hopeful that by co-locating together in a single location that affected individuals feel like it’s a one stop for them. The City of Brawley is making arrangements for access to red tagged properties with the help of our City personnel. Firefighters are accompanying these individuals to safely enter their property and retrieve personal items.”

Government in all forms gathered to help earthquake victims
Government gathers to help earthquake victims


The Housing Authority and the Department of Social Services did a round of phone calls to every tenant that was affected.

“We’re hoping to get the majority of the affected family’s access to the help that is available,” said Moore. “We think we’ve done a pretty good job of covering bases to make people aware.”

Some of the families have been out of their red tagged homes for a week.

“The residents are really tired,” said Moore. “They are coming to terms that it’s going to be a process. It’s a very emotional time. They are exhausted. It’s going to take some time to get to a point in which it feels like normal again.”