Heffernan Healthcare Donates Life Saving Equipment to Calexico Fire Department

Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District (HMHD) donates over $315,000 worth of uniforms and equipment to the Calexico Fire Department. Photographer: Stella Jimenez

CALEXICO — With the priority of providing the residents of Calexico with the best medical emergency service available, the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District’s (HMHD) announced their $315,485 contribution to the Calexico Fire Department Tuesday at a press conference.

“We are excited to announce the new equipment for the Calexico Fire Department,” said Sylvia Bernal, president of the HMHD board of directors. “The safety and well-being of our paramedics and firefighters is very important to all of us. They are the first responders to all emergencies and they are ready to save lives.”

Calexico Fire Chief Peter Mercado said the equipment was greatly needed to better serve the Calexico community.

“Our four ambulances, our hospitals on wheels that Heffernan District bought for the citizens of Calexico with taxpayer money, are now equipped with the latest medical equipment to save lives,” said Mercado. “Four brand new defibrillators are now being used by our paramedics to attend any emergency in the city.”

The total donation equipment value of $315,485 includes four state-of-the-art heart monitors/defibrillators, 32 sets of personal safety gear for firefighters and 15 sets of breathing apparatus. The new equipment replaces the outdated equipment that was being used by the department.

“In the last several months, very dangerous fires occurred in the city,” said Bernal. “Our firefighters were at risk of being injured because the safety equipment and uniforms were outdated. That is why the Heffernan Board took the necessary steps in providing brand new safety equipment for the Calexico Fire Department.”

The Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District board of directors include Sylvia Bernal, Gloria Romo, Hector Martinez, Norma Apodaca and Rodolfo Valdez.

Currently, HMHD offers several programs for the Calexico community. These include diabetes education programs in partnership with El Centro Regional Medical Center, wellness parks to promote health and exercise, and a patient service center. 

“We look forward to providing and expanding healthcare services,” said Bernal.