EL CENTRO — Vo Medical Center shovels dug into dirt for the first time Friday, March 19, on what will be their new headquarters at 1699 North Imperial Avenue in El Centro.

Once construction commences, the facility will be a two floor, 32,000 square foot facility with 80 exam rooms and 100 beds when construction is completed, said Venus Nguyen, physician assistant and wife of Dr. Tien Vo. Construction is pending final permits this week, Nguyen said. Construction is expected to be completed by February 22, 2022.

While the center will be open to all and serve “anyone from newborns to geriatric populations,” the goal of the facility is to become a one-stop shop for medical care for Vo patients, a kind of “medical supercenter where you can get all of your medical services in one place,” Nguyen said.

The facility will include its own 24-hour urgent care facility as well as an in-house radiology department. The radiology department which will provide for various scans including x-rays, MRI, CT, ultrasounds, and mammograms. It will have a Fitness/Rehab Center for patients and senior citizens, an in-house laboratory, in-house pharmacy, provide drive-thru COVID-19 testing and drive-thru COVID vaccinations, and an infusion center.

“It’s special,” Nguyen said. “Imperial County does not have an infusion center, so this is going to be one of the first infusion centers here.”

In addition, they’re looking to have multi-specialty care at the clinic with “almost all specialties,” including cardiology, pulmonology, surgery, podiatry, chiropractic, and pediatrics services, she said.

Nguyen said the idea is to allow the whole family — from newborns to teens, adults, parents, grandparents, etcetera — be able to receive medical services all under one roof.

“This project didn't happen overnight,” Nguyen said of the two-year project.

“This was an accumulation of ideas and getting together with the medical community and the community (at-large) to see what services are still lacking (in the Imperial Valley),” she said, “So, we came up with the idea of opening this medical facility where we can do the majority of things all in one place.”

“It’s all about convenience and cost-saving,” Nguyen said. “It’s like a more comprehensive approach.”

She said the new facility will replace the current facility in El Centro, located just across the street from El Centro Regional Medical Center at 1590 South Imperial Avenue, as the current Vo Medical headquarters-building is under lease.

She said this new facility will not change any services at the Vo Neighborhood Clinic in Calexico nor the newer Vo Center in Brawley located at 409 West Main Street.

Nguyen said she, Dr. Vo, and the Vo Medical team are very excited about the new facility.

“This is a building for the community, not for just the Vo family,” Dr. Vo said. “Every single person is part of this building. It’s for the community.”

Dr. Vo said he wants the Imperial Valley to be proud of this new facility since he expects it to be something that will rival care in San Diego and other big cities. “We have something to be proud of,” he said.

Nguyen said hiring staff will be done gradually after the facility has been constructed. Dr. Vo said 100 or more jobs will be created for the facility.

An estimated cost for the facility was not given, but Nguyen said it is a Vo Medical Corporation building — not a nonprofit — which is not receiving any funds from the City, County, or State levels.

“Dr. Vo and I are very excited and we're looking forward to seeing the building be completed in the very near future so that we can start providing more complete services to the community," Nguyen said.

"At the end of the day it's all about patient care,” she said. “We want to provide the best care to our patients at all ages.”


Roman has worked for multiple local news and non-profit orgs including IV Press and VW Mag, IVROP, St. JP2 Radio and is also with The Southern Cross. An El Centro native, he graduated from Marywood U in Scranton, Pennsylvania. rflores@thedesertreview.com

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