IMPERIAL - A Christmas market was hosted at the Lisa Tucker Center Saturday morning, December 1, to help raise money for families in the Imperial Valley whose children are affected by cancer.

The Tucker family - owners of Brickhouse Deli - joined teams with the Healthy Living at Home organization as well as Amigos de Alejandro for the charity event.

“All proceeds today will go towards helping these children,” said Jordan Tucker, who planned and coordinate the event. ”We also try our best to help charity organization in the community.” Canopies lined the plaza parking lot as vendors offered food, drinks, shopping booths, and activities for kids.

The Healthy Living at Home organization volunteered time as Santa's helpers by painting children's faces and making them balloon animals as they waited to meet Santa Claus. He arrived just in time, putting a smile on all the small faces as they lined up to get their picture taken.

“Families never expect to find themselves in this kind of situation,” said Maria Diaz, director of operations at Healthy Living at Home. She was dressed as an elf and presided alongside Santa as they handed candy canes out to children.

More than 100 children in the Valley are afflicted with cancer, she said. “We provide support,  for these families rather it be financial or spiritual.”

Other members of the community responded to support the event. Church brothers donated local produce to give away in exchange for donations towards the event.

“It’s such a blessing to be a part of this community,” said Jerry Tucker, owner of Brickhouse Deli, as he greeted community members walking through the market. “It’s so wonderful to bless others as they have blessed us.”


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