Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. George Fareed

Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. George Fareed participate in a Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley speaking from experience of treating thousands of COVID-19 patients successfully.

Three hundred viewers from 19 states tuned into Tuesday evening’s Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley webcast featuring two local frontline doctors.

Doctors George Fareed and Brian Tyson joined Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, a professor of medicine at Stanford, Scott Jensen, MD, a former Minnesota state senator and a clinical associate professor at the Minnesota Medical School, and Steven Kirsch who founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund to promote effective early treatments using existing drugs. The two-hour plus dialogue pushed against conventional wisdom and governance at the state and national level.

The host, Jane Kearney, introduced the panel she labeled ‘an embarrassment of riches,’ noted their voices have been muted by Big Tech and admonished the audience to support freedom of speech or face tyranny. The host cited the Senate Hearing chaired by Senator Ron Johnson taken down by YouTube with Dr. Fareed and other physicians testifying under oath about COVID patients using early treatment with repurposed drugs and Dr. Scott Jensen was investigated by Minnesota's Board of Medical Practice when he questioned COVID death numbers.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya asked how deadly the virus was. In early March, everyone believed it was very deadly, the Stanford doctor said. Seven out of 100 died after contacting it, according to the World Health Organization, which Bhattacharya said later proved to be vastly overstated. He cited several case studies that now show a case survival rate of 98.8 percent. One hundred case studies worldwide verified people 70 years and older had a 95 percent survival rate, under 70, survival was 99.9 percent.

“Lock downs kill. Government institutes strategies without knowing harms,” said Bhattacharya. “And their retort is ‘You only care about money and not lives.’ Yet the lockdown has had devastating effects. There is hunger and malnutrition, 130 million people faced starvation three months into the crises. The lockdown has harmed every single poor person on earth. The teens haven’t fared well either, one in four young people have considered suicide since June,” he said.

He said the lockdowns protected the rich and exposed the poor. The lockdowns took away constitutional rights — the right to assembly, free speech, property rights, and due process — and hurt children’s educational needs.

He said in 2018, 80,000 died of influenzas, which affects children, but the schools didn’t close down. Three million people die every year of various viruses and diseases, so just talking about COVID deaths is not kept in context. With people not giving all information, he didn’t believe people could think for themselves without context. 

“Our government jumped into medicine and ordered pharmacies to quit dispensing hydroxychloroquine, then in mid-August rescinded the order with no explanation. The government greatly expanded their power, and nobody pushed back,” Bhattacharya said.

Dr. Brian Tyson, Imperial County physician, said he had been pushing for national tele-medicine capabilities, but has been denied by the federal government.

“Twenty states have front line doctors, we can help those who need help,” Tyson said.

Tyson said no other disease or virus has ever been treated this way where you tell the patient to wait until you are sick enough to go to the hospital with no early treatment.

“Never before has that been the M.O. of medicine. We started in March of 2020, treating patients. At the time, what was available was Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, later we added ivermectin. Dr. Fareed and I have treated over 4,500 patients and two have died, but they did not get the early treatment. Some of our patients have been extremely sick. Some refused to go to the hospital, so we had to have an aggressive approach,” Tyson said. “We have seen dramatic drops in Valley cases, I believe it is due to herd immunity.”

Fellow Imperial County physician, Dr. George Fareed, said hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost needlessly, and those seriously infected will take years to recover. No study said hydroxychloroquine is unsafe, which he credits along with zinc to healing patients. Even with a vaccine early treatment is still necessary because one can still get the virus after the vaccine but will be able to fight it better. People are testing positive after the vaccination, he said, but survivors have a stronger immunity for 10-12 months. Vaccines are not the answer, early treatment is, Fareed said. The medical-political system is being exposed as broken, Fareed added.

Dr. Scott Jensen challenged the COVID death certificates, saying doctors were told by government authorities to put COVID down as the cause if it was thought possible the deceased had COVID, whether it was the cause of death or not. 

Tyson agreed with Fareed that the vaccine wasn’t a cure-all. He said it is the first time the vaccine was created by being put in the RNA, changing the genetic code. But the experimental vaccine has not been tested on children and children should not be administered a vaccine, nor should pregnant or lactating women. Those who have had the virus in the past year do not need the vaccine either. Tyson said it should go to the elderly or those with comorbidities. He said the vaccine has overridden early treatment so the pharmacies could roll out the vaccine.

​“I have personally seen people coming in after the second dose, 19-year-old nurses, doctors, who are worse than having COVID-19. I advise strong caution, don’t get it unless you need it,” said Tyson. 

Dr. Bhattacharya agreed.

Several spoke about being banned for life on social media as what they thought, didn’t agree with what Big Tech was pushing.

“There is no reward for saving lives, it’s all about closing eyes,” Jensen said.

The last panelist to speak was Steven Kirsch who founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund to promote effective early treatments using existing drugs. Kirsch pointed out the drastic different styles of two of the Nation’s most populous states, Florida and California. Florida never fully closed and are totally open now, including schools, stores, including gyms, restaurants, and beauty shops. California has never opened once closed, shelter in place has been the norm, masks required, and no school since last March.

However, despite Florida having an above average elderly population and California having a younger than average population, cases have exploded in California. California continues to lose residents and businesses while Florida is growing. Kirsch said Californian’s are miserable and Floridians are happy, prosperous, and living free.

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