PMHD's Dr. George Fareed selected for CA fellowship

BRAWLEY — Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, an affiliate of Scripps Health, is proud to announce via news release, that Dr. George Fareed, Family Medicine Specialist, was one of 26 healthcare providers in the State of California to be selected to join the Champion Provider Fellowship in order to mitigate California’s unprecedented obesity epidemic.

The two-year Fellowship is administered through a partnership between the University of California, San Francisco’s (UCSF) Department of General Internal Medicine, the California Department of Public Health’s Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Branch, and local health departments across California.

Jorge Torres, a health education specialist with the Imperial County Public Health Department, was identified as the primary point of contact for Dr. Fareed over the course of the two-year fellowship.

“I am very excited and honored to join this fellowship and am looking forward to working alongside Jorge for the next few years,” Dr. Fareed said. “This will be a great opportunity to further the conversation as it relates to obesity rates in our county.”

Dr. Fareed and Torres will join the 80 doctors, dentists, and public health officials who are already using their expertise and respected voices to combat obesity in the state.

The new group of Fellows consists of 20 physicians and six dentists who represent 18 urban and rural counties, work in large hospital systems and small clinics, speak 10 languages in addition to English, and practice seven medical specialties.

According to a Champion Provider press release, each fellow has “demonstrated commitment to using the ‘power of their white coats’ to improve the health of their local communities through innovative policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives … Everyone involved shares the common goal of advancing the voice and influence of dentists and doctors to build healthier communities.”

Established in 2014, the Fellowship has trained, supported, and connected passionate healthcare providers with grassroots initiatives developed to transform entire communities.

Champion Provider Fellows have already put policies in place throughout California to screen patients for hunger and refer them to sources of food, and have also created ParkRx prescription programs so families can utilize the vast resources of California’s parks and outdoor spaces.

Fellows have educated the public and provided expert testimony before county boards of supervisors, city councils, school boards, and other leaders.

They have influenced public transportation policy, introduced healthy food and beverage standards, promoted safe routes to school, and improved school wellness.

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