EL CENTRO — Despite several requests to remove the item from the meeting, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors heard from Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson at the regular meeting Tuesday, Dec. 21, regarding their COVID-19 treatment protocol.

Dr. George Fareed explained the two doctors’ early treatment protocol and the importance of receiving the treatment within the first seven days of infection.

He also shared some additional information before explaining the medical procedure for treatment — it is “only spread when symptoms are present; asymptomatic testing is not FDA cleared or supported by any regulatory bodies; natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable; it is a treatable illness in high-risk patients with early sequenced multidrug therapy; the genetic COVID-19 vaccines are not sufficiently safe or effective for the public.”

Dr. Fareed also explained there are four pillars of pandemia, showing the four aspects of any pandemic response — contagion control, early home treatment via telemedicine, late-stage hospitalization, and vaccination. However, not all four pillars are being applied. He stressed the importance of early treatment for those who contract the virus.

Dr. Brian Tyson thanked the board for letting the two physicians speak, speculating the Imperial County Board of Supervisors were the only ones in the nation interested in hearing about early treatment for Covid patients. He said their early treatment includes monoclonal infusions on all high-risk patients over 12 years of age, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants, antivirals, antibiotics, oxygen, and steroids. He went into detail on what medications are used for each of these, how they are used, and why they are used.

After talking through the process of treatment, Dr. Tyson asked why there is no discussion on their treatment protocol. Both doctors have been invited to speak about their treatment protocol at the state, national, and international levels.

Following the presentation, Supervisor Ryan Kelley suggested that the Local Health Authority fund a clinical trial for Dr. Fareed and Dr. Tyson’s treatment protocol to compare all of their combined, collected data with data from other treatments. The two doctors agreed with the idea.


Imperial County Supervisor Ryan Kelley suggests action from the Local Health Authority regarding Dr. Fareed and Dr. Tyson's COVID-19 treatment protocol Tuesday, Dec. 21.

Chairman of the Board Michael Kelley commented that he was glad he stuck to his guns about keeping the item on the agenda despite being pressured to pull the presentation.

“Yesterday, I was pinned against the wall several times from individuals in associations to pull this item from the agenda, but I’m glad I stood my ground,” said Kelley.

The day before the meeting, the Imperial County Medical Society issued a press release requesting the Board of Supervisors to remove the presentation from the agenda to “reinforce that prevention and treatment of COVID-19 must follow the science. Vaccines, masking, and social distancing ​are proven tools of prevention, and continue to be the most effective defense against COVID-19.”

El Centro Regional Medical Center’s CEO, Dr. Adolphe Edward, also addressed the community via Facebook Live to give a COVID update following the omicron variant breakout. He also stated the hospital’s position on treatment recommendations for COVID.

“We follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Health, Infectious Disease Society of America, Centers of Disease Control, Society of Critical Care Medicine, the American College of Physicians, and the World Health Organization, as well as major academic medical centers, who study COVID-19 treatments,” said Dr. Edward. “We use evidence-based decision making to choose the best treatments for our patients.”

Dr. Tyson said, “We’re not your enemy, we’re not … It’s not ‘this or that’ guys. It’s not mandates and vaccines, or early treatment and hydroxychloroquine. It’s not. We need to stop looking at the division, and we need to start treating sick people and ultimately, save their lives.”


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Thank you so much for printing this article. It is wonderful to read something positive about other remedies being available besides having that vaccine and boosters being pushed down our throats.

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