Ivermectin goes to court again, Kory Count Reaches 170,000

Since the NIH adjusted its guidance on ivermectin to neutral on January 6th, another 63,822 souls have perished, and based upon the evidence produced by Dr. Andrew Hill of the WHO, some 83 percent or precisely 52,972 deaths could have been prevented had the NIH instead revised this guidance to recommend or Emergency Use Authorization.

We are looking at so many preventable deaths that I share Dr. Pierre Kory's disgust. Dr. Kory announced to the Senate on December 8th, 2020, that any further deaths are needless because ivermectin's benefits are now well known. I keep track of the Kory Count out of reverence to the dead and to keep it known that these deaths were preventable.

The court case where Judith Smentkiewicz's son had to hire an attorney and get an injunction to force the hospital to provide her ivermectin underscores the problem our country now faces. My patients and their families all enjoy the protection of ivermectin because my practice includes education and access. 

About 10 percent of other physicians do the same for their patients. The vast majority of doctors do not, and their patients face COVID-19 alone or with research done by family members like Judith Smentkiewicz's son. She was lucky to survive, and one can read her story in "Ivermectin Goes to Court."

Her attorney, Ralph Lorigo, saved her life.

It is not every day that an attorney can save a life, but Mr. Lorigo did when he obtained a court order for the hospital to administer ivermectin to Ms. Smentkiewicz. She was a single mother who went above and beyond to raise her two children by herself. She worked as a secretary and later cleaned houses four days a week so her children could survive. Her son repaid the favor when the ICU physician told him his mother would probably die. At age 80 and on a ventilator with COVID, her chances were 80 percent that the virus would take her life. But her son also went above and beyond, and he found an article that suggested ivermectin could help her, and the rest is history.

Of course, the naysayers will argue that this was anecdotal at best. And that it did not prove that ivermectin works. However, the pesky proverbial fly in the ointment is that it happened a second time to Glenda Dickinson, and the same lawyer, Ralph Lorigo, decided to help her family. He went to court and got a second judge to issue a court order to force the hospital to administer the ivermectin, and she also got better. 

So in who's Brave New World are we now living where rich big pharmaceutical companies call the shots, and doctors and regulators can be bought. You and I are expendable resources in a society where the truth and morals no longer matter.

I now update the Kory Count in the hopes that my message may, by some miracle, escape the bonds of censorship and that somehow it may find its audience of Americans who may decide to get a court-order for the nation, to allow doctors everywhere to prescribed cheap repurposed drugs for COVID-19 before we lose half-a-million more lives.

The Kory Count of Preventable Deaths is Today Updated:

Beginning Kory Count November 19 through January 15: 140,139

Current Kory Count of Preventable COVID-19 Deaths: 170,809

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An American Tragedy, 170,000 Needless Deaths in America

I heard Dr. Kory said that to the Senate

Now Fauci is responsible for these deaths

Fauci needs to look at data.

The Defense Production Act needs too get Ivermectin FAST

I agree with your Kory count but it should be the Fauci Count.

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