CALEXICO - The Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District Board of Directors conducted a press conference January 16 at the district office in Calexico where a preview of the 2019 healthcare events and an itinerary of projects was unveiled along with the presentation of new Heffernan board members.

To kick off the presser, new board members Gloria Grijalva and District Manager Tomas Virgen greeted and addressed the audience.

“I would just like to thank everyone for their support and for putting their faith in me; it really makes me humble,” said Grijalva.

In 1951, Heffernan Memorial was formed as a local hospital district due to federal funding that was made available at the time for health facilities in rural areas, according to the district's website.

Since Calexico does not have an active hospital, the HMH provides Calexico community members with healthcare resources that residents would otherwise not have have access to, if not for the program.

The Heffernan Memorial Health and Wellness programs offered are as follows:

1) Wellness Parks – Five parks available for community use free of charge that include Crummett Park, Nosotros Park, Cordova Park, Heber Park, and Kennedy Gardens Park.

2) Heffernan Wellness for Kids – Experts say the program empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by focusing on lessening the chances of obesity in children through exercise, nutrition classes, and counseling.

3) Asthma Management Program – HMH will partner with Comite Civico del Valle to monitor air quality and asthma in Calexico, according to organizers.

4) Meals on Wheels Program – The program will provide homemade meals to senior citizens who are not able to cook for themselves.

5) Swimming Program – Plans are in the works with the Calexico Unified School District to provide community access to the Calexico High School pool.

6) Scholarships – Ten scholarships are awarded yearly to Calexico High School seniors who plan to pursue education in the health and medical fields.

7) Health Events – Two health events will be held this year in an effort to inform citizens about the current and upcoming health and wellness programs that are available to the community including access to hospitals and other agencies.  Dates to be announced.

8) Obstacle Race – This year’s Third Annual Obstacle Race is expected to have over 300 participants and will begin at Crummett park then wind around the city. Date will be announced at a later time.

9) Recreation Programs - Various recreational programs are offered throughout the year for senior citizens.

Organizers also announced joint efforts for future projects with Pioneers Memorial District and El Centro Regional Medical Center are in the making to further expand the healthcare services available to the city of Calexico.

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