BRAWLEY – A new, local business, The Wellness Bar, brings a healthier and more active lifestyle to the Valley as owners Claudia and Luis Pineda provide protein-fueled shakes, evening yoga, and exercise classes. The family-owned business opened April 1 in Brawley and encourages customers and the community to have an active lifestyle.  

“My goal, most importantly, is to lower the obesity rate in our children,” said Claudia Pineda. “My purpose is to reach out to my customers and my community and let them know that there is a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle … I have customers who come here on a daily basis and they come up to me and say ‘I lost 22 pounds!' so it’s very rewarding to know our drinks have results.” 

“Our mission is advocating wellness," Pineda continued. "We have evening yoga classes on Monday from 6 to 7 p.m., our regular classes are at 6:30 Tuesdays through Fridays. We begin with a boost-up drink and end the session with a recovery shake, which helps maintain both an active and healthy lifestyle.” 

The Pineda's son endured leukemia at age three so they understand health problems.

"That’s where our mission began, to help families learn about healthy eating. I know that’s the one thing that you can change through balanced nutrition. Fighting obesity is a result of not getting sick," said Pineda. “My kids helped me out with ingredients such as the Reese’s Pieces shake and the Salted Caramel shake; the top seller is the Banana Nut Bread shake.”  

“I feel proud of my mom for starting the business," said Bania Pineda. "As a college student, we’re struggling to stay healthy, so it’s refreshing to be able to alternate that with drinks from the business.”

The Wellness Bar not only brings healthier alternatives to the community but provides an afternoon exercise class. They offer protein-filled menu options such as shakes of various flavors, and refreshing beverages such as cold coffee and tea, with the ability to add probiotics.  

“We’re very passionate with what we do. Our main concern is to help families so they can have more options and more knowledge about healthy living,” said Luis Pineda. 


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