Happy Thanksgiving from The Desert Review


We at The Desert Review have so much to be thankful for as we count our blessings.

Besides starting a business in the midst of a recession in a county, that even in the best of times records high unemployment, we are still here due to local businesses that value a local paper.

We have no national advertisers, nor have we sought those sponsors. We are a local paper, digital though it may be, thriving because of the heart of the people of Brawley and the Imperial Valley.

We want to take this time to thank those that support our efforts to cover city council meetings, school boards, the IID, and the Board of Supervisors. Sometimes the articles are dry, as these community leaders work through the drudgery of governance, and sometimes it is RED HOT as controversial issues are passionately debated.

We want to thank the sponsors that came on board to help us cover sports. For those who just moved here yesterday and aren’t quite up to speed, our Brawley Wildcats are the Imperial Valley League Football champions and play in the semi-finals at Madison High School this Friday. Go Wildcats!

Speaking of sports, four out of the six BUHS fall sports were IVL champs. Way to go, ‘Cats!

And no matter how good reporting could be, there still would be no sponsors without our faithful  readers. We truly our thankful for each one of you, and the readers who blog, we are thankful for your caring and passion.

May each and every one of you have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with love of God, family, and country.


  1. I have enjoyed watching you grow, seizing the opportunity, after the IVP sold out. Much respect….well done! Happy Holiday’s and a prosperous New Year. HG

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