Happenings in the world of sports



Seems like there’s a lot going on in the world of sports. The NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, early season baseball, Johnny Manziel’s out of rehab and Tim Tebow is back! Consider that exclamation point a little sarcastic. But I think you get the point. We better dive right in.


The NBA playoffs are in full swing and just who is the favorite to win this thing this year? Seriously. The defending champs seem to have their hands full with the upstart Clippers. The other team to reach the finals last year, Miami, didn’t even make the playoffs this year, so who knows? I could seriously see the Spurs losing to Los Angeles. Of course, if they didn’t and went on to win the whole thing—I wouldn’t be surprised by that either. I like Lebron James and the Cavaliers as well. So who knows? Maybe we’ll get some new blood hoisting the NBA Championship Trophy in June. That wouldn’t be a bad thing.


Honestly, I gave up on the NHL once my team was eliminated from the playoffs, so I’m not sure I have much to contribute there. The defending champion Los Angeles Kings didn’t even make the playoffs, so the NHL is guaranteed of a different team raising the Stanley Cup this year. It’s a strange time when the Kings and Lakers are sitting home watching the Clippers participate in the postseason. Again, I don’t think that’s a bad thing though.


Major League Baseball is in full swing, which means I am spending a lot of evenings with Vin Scully. I realize it’s not possible, but I wish Vin Scully would call every baseball game from now until the end of time. The guy is just perfect. He has been the voice of baseball for me since I was a kid and he was doing the Saturday game of the week for NBC. Sure, Bob Costas and Tony Kubek were there as well, but for me it was Vin and Joe Garagiola. Nothing better than settling in for an afternoon game with those two and, thankfully, now there’s nothing better than settling in for a late night (I live in Texas) with Vin (who, you know doesn’t need a partner because he’s been doing it for so long).


Finally to our two wayward quarterbacks who get more television time than, well than most people, despite the fact neither of them has done much in their NFL career to deserve it. There is little to say about Manziel getting out of rehab, other than good for him. Hopefully he can figure things out and go off and have himself a healthy life. I still don’t think he has the tools to be an NFL quarterback, but being a drug-free person who doesn’t completely screw up their life seems much more important than that.


As for Tebow, well he’s getting another chance and I read that Tom House, a former MLB pitcher who is apparently a quarterback guru now (I don’t know how that happened) has fixed his throwing problems. Honestly, while I don’t enjoy the entire Tebow hullabaloo either, I think this is good for him as well. Despite all the hype that surrounds the guy, Tebow doesn’t seem to seek it out and maybe he can stick with the Eagles. All the guy wants to do is play football and I don’t think anyone should begrudge him the opportunity to do that.