Hannah House Thailand update

Hannah houseHannah House exists to provide room and board for underprivileged college and Bible school girls in Thailand. It seeks to follow Christ’s example of discipleship by ministering to the girls through daily quiet times, weekly Bible studies, church, and outreaches. Hannah House was started by Jonathon Hawk of Holtville, CA.
What a trip! As many of you know Angel Dyson, a team from Imperial Valley, and I were recently in Thailand. While we were there, we were able to spend time with the girls in the home, the girls who graduated, and the four new girls that came into the home. We had such a great time helping our graduates step out into the callings God has for them and we were also able to spend quality time with Jonah in the prisons.
I want to take time to share a couple of amazing stories of people being impacted by our “radical” obedience. The first story is about a man named Abbi. One of the teams from the States who that had been out witnessing found this young jobless Muslim man hanging out on the streets. He shared that he had lost his business and was looking for work. Jonah stayed in contact with him and desired to bring him into his house.
Meanwhile, I believe God was preparing my heart for what would take place next. I had recently read Isaiah 58 which talks about bringing the homeless into your home; which for me sounded pretty “radical.” Helping them financially and bringing them into your home are two totally different things!
When I thought about this man, this chapter came to mind. If you are like me your mind quickly races to all kinds of concerns like: “What if this guy just got out of prison?”, etc! However, in prayer I felt a peace about it and I realized I was in Thailand trying to teach Jonah how to walk in obedience to the Scriptures. What better way to teach than by example! The older I get the more I realize transformation comes through modeling and not in a classroom! So I allowed Abbi to come and stay with Jonah and me. Day in and day out he was able to see our love for him as we prayed, encouraged, and fed him. You could see he couldn’t understand the grace we showed him. We were continually giving our lives to him though he had no way to repay us and he struggled with that. It made the presentation of the Gospel so much sweeter when we
explained the love we had for him was really Jesus loving him through us. It was truly an amazing experience that impacted all our lives.
This second story is probably one of the craziest yet most productive  outreach stories we have had yet while ministering to prostitutes. Angel and the July Newsletter
team decided to take some of the Hannah House girls to minister to prostitutes so they broke up in different groups. Angel, Brittany Westmoreland, and Sangla’s group went into one of the bars where Angel sat down with a woman and began to share God’s heart for her. After some time, Angel got up to pay but Sangla said she had already paid for Angel’s drink. The woman Angel had been ministering to grabbed the money out of Angel’s hand. Things continued to escalate and this woman began to break bottles in a fit of anger. In a rage she charged Sangla and tried to punch her. Angel quickly got in the way and got a fist right in the face! As I talked to Angel later I thought she would be pretty shaken up and call it a night, but she said in essence, “I’m not going to let that little Thai woman stop me!” She then proceeded to go on sharing about Jesus!
Later she shared with me that that encounter instead of making her angry actually saddened and broke her heart for the woman. At the same time across the street Gloria Anderholt, Jenna Lyon, and Dada were sharing with a girl named Thai. Thai’s heart was soft for the things of God. Dada invited her to church and later on she gave her life to the Lord and was baptized! Thai shared with us that she wants to get out of this lifestyle and come to Hannah House so she can study to be a nurse! I praise the Lord for the
willingness of Jonah to bring Abbi into the home and the willingness of the women on our team to reach out to the prostitutes.
Because of their “radical” obedience lives were affected and changed! Please pray that Abbi will give his heart to Jesus and that Thai will have a good transition into Hannah House.Thank you all so much for going and supporting and making testimonies like this possible. May we all be encouraged to step out boldly into wherever God is leading us.Blessings,
Jonathan Hawk and Sangla Jafoo
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