Hannah House September Newsletter


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As you probably remember, a few newsletters back I shared about a girl whom Angel Dyson’s team ministered to in the bars. Her testimony has been such an encouragement in reminding me why I do what I do.  I hope that it will have the same impact on all of you.

My name is Thai. I heard about God when I was seven years old, but didn’t have a  relationship with Him.  It was then my father died and I went to live with my mom.  When she would go to work, I would be home alone and it was at this time I began to hear the voice of God.  I would feel His loving eyes watch over me as He would teach me to wait and be patient.  As a result I grew  to love His voice.  When I was nine, God had my mom and my five older siblings reunite with each other in Sa-­‐Keo. I was happy because my sister built a house for us and I realized I wouldn’t have to wander from place to place. I knew as I grew older that God was continually taking care of me.

Up until this time I had no friends, but would listen and talk to God.  When I was fifteen, I finished sixth grade and moved to Ra-­‐Yawng where I stayed at my brother’s house.  At this time I began to have friends and would sneak out at night to go and hang out with them.  One night my brother locked  me in my room because I had been bad and I escaped by climbing over a barbed wire fence and ran away.  I knew that God didn’t want me to do that, and His voice told me to stop, but I was too angry to listen.

From this point on I began to do a lot of bad things.  When I turned seventeen, I went home to live with my mom.  Things became worse and I began carrying a gun and selling drugs.  I looked for love in a relationship with a boy to fill the void in my life but it didn’t help.  If there was something evil, I was involved in it.  My life was dark and unhappy.  I was paranoid all the time because everywhere I went there was shooting and hopelessness.  In time I got pregnant with my bad boyfriend.  I thought when I met him that he would love me with the love of God but I clearly was mistaken.  I was very sad about what I did and it made my mom cry.  She promised that she would take care of my son and let me go to Bangkok to find work.  There my life began to fall apart again.  I spent all my money and drank every day making it impossible to hold down a good job.

One day I came to a breaking point when I couldn’t pay rent and asked God to help,  promising to quit my ways.   I realized I hadn’t succeeded in anything in my life; I had no friends and felt alone.   When I went home my mom asked me what I wanted for my life since I was twenty-­five years old without any goals or direction.   It was then I thought about God again and I felt his peace.   I never thought God would come back to me again, but He listened to my cry and was not angry with me.   God spoke to me and said, “My daughter, I will pick you up when the time comes through the emblem  of a rose.

Awhile after this time, I decided to move to Chiang Mai and work in a bar.  Even though God was good to me, I still refused to change my life.  I continued to drink and disobey my authorities.

After three months passed I saw two rainbows in the sky at the same time.  I told myself that God will come back to me again as He promised.  A week later a team from the US came with two Thai girls and I heard God say, “Choose to go home.”  I was excited when I heard this and I decided to be a good daughter.  After a week, the team came back (Angel Dyson’s team) and God told me to go out and wait for them.  They shared Jesus with me and asked if they could pray for me.  As they prayed I heard God say, “I have come to pick you up my daughter, it is time to go home.”  I asked God to give me the white rose that He promised.  After an hour, three girls walked up to me and handed me a white rose.  It was on this day that I began walking and obeying Jesus.

Today I have a true relationship with Jesus who loves me so much.  He forgave me when I was stubborn and never left my side. Now I live at Hannah House and work at Agape’s AIDS orphanage.  I am happy because I work for God.  I know He has a great plan for my life and will take good care of me.

Thai baptisingYou can see from the last paragraph Thai has been doing great!  The photo is a picture of her baptizing her own first convert!  I want to encourage you all to consider partnering with us by helping to sponsor Thai and our other four new girls mentioned in the last newsletter-­‐Ping Pong, Mary, Si, and Jan.  We are looking forward to sharing more with you during our annual banquet in December.


May God richly bless  you.


Jonathan Hawk and Sangla Jafoo




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