Hannah House News – June 2014


hh 1Happy June to everybody! I hope you all have enjoyed the nice weather while we have had it.

God gives us seasons in life, and for us at Hannah House, it seems that things are quickly changing and all the dreams that God has put in my heart are becoming realities.

As I shared in last month’s newsletter, we went from a staff of one (Sangla) to now having two full time staff (Sangla and Supakit), one part time (Cherry), and one part-time volunteer (Zaida). Another big change for us has been all of our original Hannah House girls have graduated and moved on.

One thing that is important for us is not only to see them graduate, but to see them follow God’s calling for their lives. Ged is an accountant and lives in Sangla’s village and helps Sangla’s parents.

Na Na with her husband Moses
Na Na with her husband Moses

Sa is working at a children’s home for her people group. Da Da just graduated from Bible school and is working at Supakit’s father’s children’s home. Suwan graduated and got married last year. Na Na graduated from Bible school and got married.

Cherry graduated and served a year in the refugee camp with Zaida and now is working part time with us at Hannah House. Cream graduated and has been living at Hannah House and working at a Chinese restaurant. Her ultimate plan is to be a missionary.

There is nothing greater than for me to see our women being obedient to God’s calling for them. With so many girls leaving, please pray for Sangla and me as we are planning on bringing in a number of new girls to replace them.

Another significant change is we are allowing a church to meet in our facility. As many of you know, I am a part of a church called Antioch here in Norman, Oklahoma, which has a church plant in Chiang Mai. Awhile ago they lost their building and were meeting in a park.

After some prayer, we decided to invite the church to conduct it’s Sunday services at Hannah House. This is no problem for us since our second floor is able to seat roughly forty or so people making it perfect for a small church. This has been such a great blessing for us as well as them.

Another big change is the fruition of something that has been on my heart for awhile. When I went to college, I graduated with a business degree because I had planned

The tree of life plant at Hannah House
The tree of life plant at Hannah House

on being a businessman and using finances to support missions; however, God sent me to seminary so I thought being in business was not in His plan.

God has been showing me that finances from a business could be one way to support the work we do in Thailand. So on our last trip, the Hannah House board and I prayed about how we could start a business that would help sustain our ministry.

When we traveled to Supakit and his family’s coffee farm, a plan began to unfold and just recently Supakit’s family decided to sell their half of the farm. A couple of farmers in the Imperial Valley heard about it, and bought the other half of the farm for us!

This has truly been a dream come true! Right now we are ministering to the prisoners while they are in prison, but it is our desire to build half way homes so when they come out of prison, they will have a place to live while they go through a discipleship school.

During this time they will have the opportunity not only to study God’s Word, but also to work as well. After a time of training, they will be sent to key locations where we have a business of some kind and they will work and minister to the people in that area.

When the time comes for them to graduate from our program, we hope to send them to other areas and help them start businesses that will in turn help them support themselves as they minister.

Supakit and Sangla at the coffee farm
Supakit and Sangla at the coffee farm

I believe in this way, we can take much of the burden off the churches in America and will enable us to see real exponential growth in Thailand. We are in very exciting times! While reflecting on this, it is only appropriate that I take a moment and thank all of our supporters for the ways you have given to us.

I am truly awed by how many supporters have gone to see the work, and then others who have given so graciously to His work. Thank you so much! As these things are put in motion, we can see the Lord paving the way for our move to Thailand next year. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan, Angel, Sangla, Supakit and Cherry