Greetings from Hannah House – November 2013


hannah house november

Well friends, the time has come to announce that I will be moving to Thailand! I know that it has been a long journey and many have probably wondered if I would ever make it.

As many of you know, after I graduated from seminary, I lived in Thailand for one year before starting Hannah House. At that time God birthed a heart in me for the Thai people. About four years ago, God called Sangla and me to start Hannah House.

I will acknowledge that I wasn’t really sure what God was up to. After all, what was a young man half way around the world doing leading a woman’s home? I had ideas of hh nov 2013being an evangelist and leading hundreds to him; not having a discipleship house.

As I sought the Lord on this, I found that big isn’t always better. He reminded me that He changed the world with twelve disciples. I am glad to say the last four years have not been in vain!

After starting Hannah House something happened which I didn’t expect. God called me to come out to serve Him in Oklahoma. Let me tell you, this move confused many; especially my family!

They would reason why I would go to Oklahoma to be a part of a church when I already had a community who supported me in the Valley? Even more confusing was why would I not go to Thailand and help Sangla?

When I was in Thailand earlier this year, I had this exact conversation with Sangla. She asked why it was so important I was in Oklahoma. I told her that while seminary gave me much information about church planting, Antioch Norman helped me to apply it.

Antioch has many life groups which function similarly to a house church with leaders that function similarly to pastors. For the first couple of years I was able to observe this process and gain much insight.

Over the last year I have been able to lead one of these groups, and then more recently I was placed over a couple of these groups. In each of these stages, I have gained much insight in how to do church planting in Thailand.

hannah novAlso I was able to develop friendships with people from Oklahoma who are planning on going long term to Thailand.

Over the last year, I was asked to consider being a part of their church planting team to Thailand. I shared with them that while I will partner with them and be a part of their church plant, God has called me to work through the churches of the Valley.

I have come to realize that as strong as my call to Thailand is, my call is also to minister and serve the churches of the Valley. I want to see God move and bring revival at home and abroad!

God has put such an amazing vision in my heart for when I go long term in January 2015. I am glad that He has not just been moving in my heart but also in others in the Valley. One of whom is Angel Dyson!

She shares: “Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus; I have the great honor of sharing some very exciting news with you all, news that is forever changing my life and the lives of my family which I will share in the next month’s newsletter!”

I encourage all of you to come to the Hannah House Banquet on Friday December 13 where Angel and I will be sharing about the amazing things God has put in our hearts!h house

Blessings: Jonathan Hawk