Gratitude and God



My grandson is ten and is a bright, talented, funny little dude.

He also may be a good writer. He has another grandfather, although no longer with us, who was a published author. For school, last week, he wrote an essay about all the things he was grateful for in his life. It was a pre-Thanksgiving school project and he did a very good job…….except, he, like society in general, left God out of the gratitude equation.

This is pretty predictable for a 10 year old, in his 6th year of secular education. But it is easy for us old guys too!

Thanksgiving gratitudeThis Thanksgiving season, give God a little more gratitude, but don’t do it quietly. Now the grandchild professes a relationship with the King of Kings and I believe his eternal life is secure.

What is not secure is the world view of the future generation. If I had not spoken up, the glaring gap in his turkey treatise would have gone unnoticed. I was not hostile, condescending, nor negative.


“I just challenged him and do you know what his response was?”


I just challenged him and do you know what his response was?

“Well, Grandpa, you know you can’t talk about God in schools.”no God in school

He was part serious, joking a little, and partly just grasping for some defense during our drive to school. I acknowledged that is the culture, but we live in a country, where we have freedom of speech.

Then I challenged him a little more.

sharingI told him it was OK for us to talk about God and what He has done for us. When we share information about God, we are giving a testimonial or we are testifying. We are a witness and we are giving evidence. It is our life and we are the best and perfect person to talk about what is important in our life. If we say good things about God, maybe his teacher, when she reads it, might be given a good idea about God, and that is a good thing.

I also said that his teacher was going to read it. Wouldn’t it be cool if she was having a serious problem in her life and she needed to hear about God, when she read the paper.

We quickly changed to conversation to bashing the Denver Broncos and hoping they lose to the upcoming game to the Kansas City Chiefs.

There were several other members of the family who read and complimented the composer and his composition.

Men are spiritual leaders and we need to speak up about spiritual stuff. I didn’t expect the others to step up, because some family lack faith. Others are just not evangelical. I know that if we don’t speak up the rocks will cry out, but in my family, I don’t want the rocks to do the job. I am a man, and a Godly one!

What about you?

Will you be silent about your Savior this Thanksgiving season, or will you just talk about the Chargers, your career or material collections. Don’t speak up for me! Speak up for the One who is listening.

I for one, am grateful to Him this Thanksgiving for what He did at the cross. And just maybe next time, my grandson will be able to write or talk about it.