Golf Carts legal on city streets if…..


golf cartsEL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors discussed the use of golf carts at Tuesday’s meeting and learned that jurisdiction lies with the cities and the state. State ordinances say that golf carts are legal on city roads where the posted speed limit is 25 mpg or less.

This is true of any city. A special city ordinance is not necessary for golf carts to operate on city streets, as long as the speed limit is 25 or less.

Cities must pass a special ordinance to ban golf carts, otherwise they are legal sufficing they pass DMV registration.

According to officials, 4th Street in El Centro would not  be legal for golf carts because the posted speed limit is 35 mpg.

Imperial Sheriff Sheriff Raymond Loera was quick to point out that the golf cart must be registered with the DMV and that meant passing their safety inspection, lights, brakes, the rudimentary basics to safely operate on streets.


The only exception to being registered by the DMV is if the golf cart is ridden in a  ½ mile radius from the golf course.

For those interested in further investigating  the legalities, Sheriff Loera suggested reading CHP rule 888 and one must fill out DMV Form 343 to register their golf cart at the DMV.