Goats Improve Outlook for Ugandan Children


goats in ugandaThe Imperial Valley has provided 100 female goats to needy and orphaned children in Uganda for the second time in two years.  A gift of a goat to a youngster in Uganda can mean the difference between continuing in a life of poverty or getting a chance to improve one’s future through education.

Education is revered in Uganda and children can attend through the seventh grade without paying fees.  However, going on to secondary school or college is not feasible for many children in villages throughout Uganda.  This advanced level of study requires the payment of fees and most children aren’t financially able to do that.

Eric Sabiiti, Director of the Christian Foundation for Community Development in Uganda explains, “One female goat can give birth to many goats over several years.  When a child is ready to attend secondary school there may be a dozen or more goats that the child has raised.  Each year, the child or family can then sell some goats to help pay for school fees.”

Nancie Rhodes, Treasurer of the Imperial Valley non-profit, Burning Bush International reports, “Three or four goats can also be traded for a young steer, another way to expand the herd and invest in a child’s future”.

Rhodes further noted after that a recent visit with children who had received last year’s goats, “Many children’s initial gift of one goat had already grown two or three goats with more on the way”.

If you are interested in getting more information, you can visit Burning Bush International’s website, www.bbicharity.org, or its Facebook page.