GLIMPSES OF GRACE a book by Donna James

Donna James with friends at The Rock. Photo Credit Judy Grant
Donna James with friends at The Rock. Photo Credit Judy Grant

BRAWLEY – Thomas Wolfe once wrote “you can’t go home again,” mainly in reference to himself, but in a larger sense, that is true in some respect for all of us.


Donna James, a ‘former’ Brawley girl came home last week to sign her books and to meet old friends at THE ROCK in Brawley.  She has written two books, GLIMPSES OF GRACE and GLIMPSES OF GRACE TWO.


Donna is a retired teacher, a Board Certified Biblical Counselor, and an ordained and licensed chaplain with the Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International.  She has five grandchildren and has been married to Dewey for 49 years.


The books are very personal accounts of her walk with God and how God’s grace has led her through some of the hardest times one could imagine encountering; the deaths of close family, dear friends, a child, and her own fight with cancer.

Intermixed through her books are life’s more humorous and humbling moments.


Donna began writing when her dear friend and sister in Christ, Nancy Smith, gave her a prayer journal and said, “WRITE”!


Keeping a prayer journal was a new experience, as was her walk with the Lord, but like a good teacher she followed the directions and began to write.


From those early scribblings came the focus for these two books.  Donna’s walk has not been easy, but God has been with her every step of the way. She shares what she has learned in these pages.  There is food here for prayer groups.



In GLIMPSES OF GRACE 2, one will find what Donna considers to be her best writing. Page 126 is where “The Lost Sheep” begins.  Remembering the love the Shepherd has for His sheep brought her hope when she was experiencing her “dark night of the soul”.  Jesus never loses his sheep.  Isaiah 61 is her inspiration:
“He has sent Me to bind up the broken hearted …… to comfort all who mourn….. to bestow on them a crown of beauty.”


These heartfelt stories will do that; bring you comfort.  You can see in Donna’s contented face she is following God’s calling in her life.


Being from Brawley, the stories for many readers in the area will be personal.  I know Donna’s grandson Tyson and was delighted to learn that he is soon to be married and is once again a happy young man.


Several of Donna’s friends came by The Rock to say hello, hug, and get a quick catch up on what is going on in her very busy life.  Granddaughter Makenna is in 10th grade at BUHS, so Donna and Dewey make frequent trips from their Arizona home to see her.



Donna James Photo Credit Judy Grant
Donna James
Photo Credit Judy Grant

The books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Donna is on Face Book and her email is


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