Getting Serious With Syria


It appears the Syria used gas to kill a lot of Syrians.

SyriaIt is interesting, that in what little news I watch, I have not heard the phrase “weapons of mass destruction.” It is incredibly sad that any government or group would do that to its people. I like many others, feel like nuking somebody, but I know that is just an irrational response to a very sick world we live in. Now we are talking about attacking Syria. It is above my pay grade evaluate that decision. I do know that to prevent evil in this world, good people need to do something. I also know about collateral damage, and when we attack, there will be innocent victims. As long as the international community sits on their hands, I am not opposed to the U.S. doing something. We are the big brother to many a weak nation or ethnic group in the world.

President Bush got a bushel of hate for invading Iraq because of the threat of weapons of mass destruction. Although I am a wmdpacifist, again, evil needs a fist in the mouth. Hitler would have killed so many less Jews and other groups (Christians, gypsies, disabled, etc.), if western civilization and taken a more assertive response earlier. Unfortunately, politics (and anti-Semitism) often shackle the hands of prudent power. A couple of things about Iraq, prior to the U.S. invasion: Saddam Hussein did use gas to kill 30,000 Kurds, an ethnic group in his country. Also, chemical weapons, i.e. weapons of mass destruction (WMD’S), can be contained in a small package, like a brief case or a six-pack. Saddam probably sent his WMD’s west and asked his Syrian buds to hold on to them for a while. It is very similar to what little Johnny does with his marijuana when his parents/school get suspicious. He hides it at his friend’s house.

The invasion of Iraq did find one weapon of mass destruction, and it was Hussein, who was later found in a hole in the ground, like most vermin. He got justice but way too late. Saddam Hussein has not hurt anybody since, but the spirit of that kind of evil is alive and well in the world. In this past century, we have witnessed it in the gulags, German gas chambers, the killing fields of Asia, Iraq and again in Syria. One news outlet said 1,300 Syrians were murdered in this one awful occurrence. If no one does anything, it will happen again.

SYRIA-CONFLICTKilling people bothers me. The politics of the media also get me in my grill. Why are they not using the words  “weapons of mass destruction?” It is because the media wants us to support what Obama is does, whereas it didn’t support what Bush did. Abortion is another weapon of mass destruction but we won’t go there in this column. I don’t know what is going to happen, but we in America seem to be more upset about gun ownership, than we are about WMD’s.

Mass murder is very upsetting, but so is media manipulation. Whether you are dealing with drugs, disease or WMD’s, prevention is worth a pound of cure. In Syria, I really don’t know what the cure is. War is a little like chemo for cancer treatment. Enough said!