Getting schooled at the College & Career Group

College & Career group in prayer Sunday night.

Every Sunday night, in the youth room of the First Christian Church  in El Centro, 50 to 100 young adults gather together for prayer, worship and Bible study. It is the College and Career Group (CCG) of Imperial Valley.  Attending is a powerful learning experience about the Lord Jesus, the church and the Bible. The group represents young adults from 40 plus churches throughout the Valley. Many young adults have been referred to the millennial mecca.

The organizers, Jeff and Cami Sturdyvant, began the ministry out of their home, where it exploded and they found a home at First Christian.

The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. with private, quiet, personal prayer with worship at 7:00 p.m. The worship team, like all facets of the ministry, is driven by young adults. The team has played at the National Day of Prayer in El Centro and at other Sunday church services around the Valley. The music set the tone for the rest of the evening of learning, fellowship and breaking some bread, or cookies, afterwards.

Kim, a new attendee, came from Colorado two years ago to live with her aunt and uncle in El Centro. At the time, she had questions about God, and just showed up alone to the First Christian Church. She was quickly encouraged to attend the CCG. Two love affairs began shortly thereafter. Kim gave her life to Christ for an eternal love relationship and now has a new family of Christian friends.

Kim said, “God called me to the desert to quench my thirst.”

Kim is attending Grand Canyon University, works part time as an Instructional Assistant at McCabe Elementary School and is interested in a career in Biblical counseling.

Stephanie, from Calexico, has been involved with CCG since the beginning having played volleyball under coach Cami at her high school where her mentor has been working for nearly 20 years. Stephanie is a college graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College and continues at CCG to mentor the younger ladies. She works managing the Connection Café, at FCC. Stephanie has been involved in many service and leadership capacities, attends the 5th quarters after high school football games held in gyms and helped coordinate the Senior Outreach, where they recruit those high school seniors ready for college or careers.

Stephanie especially appreciates the holidays where CCG members return to the Valley from college, and the Sunday ministry overflows.

Although socializing and fellowship are important, spiritually feeding the students and young workers is important to the Sturdyvants. One of the young teachers took the group of 60 through Ephesians.

The CCG has a diverse membership, in ethnicity, and in Bible knowledge. The expectations for spiritual learning are high, because the Sturdyvants believe God’s call is serious, and involves not just learning the Word, but being doers of the Word as well.

The CCG is a resource for any church that may need the hands and feet of Christ. The members like to think of themselves as a bridge among the churches. Members regularly prepare and distribute food in a homeless ministry at the local parks and bus station. They also develop personal relationships with the homeless, that is supported by the prayer ministry, according to the Sturdyvants. They will also venture to Niland, where they help where needed by the churches.

The CCG will be in action at the following 5th quarters: Calipat-9/8; Calexico – 9/15 and Brawley – 9/29. They meet in the Tyler building, upstairs at FCC. All are welcome on Sunday nights, for more information, visit the website at or email them at