Gas explosion destroys Imperial Valley’s native home in San Luis

Bryan Conway, the homeowner of the San Luis, Rio Colorado home that went up in flames after an explosion
Bryan Conway, the homeowner of the San Luis, Rio Colorado home that went up in flames after an explosion

SAN LUIS, Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico- Bryan Conway, the homeowner and an Imperial Valley native, has been living in Mexico for the past 25 years and on Monday saw the shambles where his home once stood.

He says he is “still having trouble comprehending the devastation.”

Conway walks through what was once his living room.

After Monday’s gas explosion all that is left of his house is a pile of rubble and debris.

He lost everything.

“When I left the hotel this morning, I left with a plastic bag from Walmart and that is all I have left,” Conway said.

“I have family photos, family memorabilia, that all were in my house and it’s all gone. I have no idea where it is. It’s somewhere in there,” he said pointing to piles of rubble that are left of his home which went up in flames after the explosion.

The explosion not only leveled his house, but also damaged nearby businesses, including a Circle K across the street.

Conway was away on business the night of the blast.

He lives alone, but says his employees often come and go from his house.

He said luckily no one was inside at the time it exploded.

“It’s amazing no one was killed,” he said.

The explosion was so intense. Debris flew in all directions, landing in trees and as far away as across the street.

Conway says several neighbors had to be rescued from underneath a pile of rubble.

Property insurance investigators were at Conway’s home located just minutes from the border, surveying the cost of the damage.

Conway says a price tag cannot be placed on lost mementos, near and dear to his heart.

Fire officials said the explosion was caused by a gas leak that started in the kitchen and spread through the entire home.

“I will not buy a gas stove again,” he said.

However, Conway is staying optimistic and says he plans to rebuild his home in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico.