Fireball Excitement Begins in Imperial Valley


Fireball run

EL CENTRO – Team Caddyshack of Barbara Worth County Club is ready for the big Fireball Run. The race begins in Longmont, Colorado, stops over in El Centro, and crosses the line in Riverside, California.

Co-owner of Barabara Worth resort in Holtville, Darryll Readshaw, nicknamed “D”, along with his teammates are game-on, come September 27th.

“We got into it by chance. El Centro is the venue for one of the last night’s stay and when they were choosing a hotel, we presented well,” Readshaw said.

It’s the first time the city of El Centro will be part of one of the eight destinations for the Fireball Run.

The great adventure includes fighting for a good cause by distributing flyers of missing children.

“We want everyone to come out. We want your support for downtown Main Street on that day from 3 to 6 p.m. We’re going to have vendors out there. We’ll have food out there. We’ll have lots of fun activities for families and kids to do,” Chief Executive Officer of El Centro Chamber of Commerce, Darletta Willis, said.

Fireball Run has become a YouTube sensation with millions of viewers tuning in online.

Each team has to know something about the destination cities and they’ll be playing a scavenger hunt of sorts in each city. Along the way they will be passing out missing children’s flyers.

“Every team has a mission, as they call it. There are 44 teams total. Whatever those missions are, they have to know the trivia for the area that their visiting,” Readshaw said.

Mum’s the word but some of your favorite celebrities may be participating in the games.

“We have some really cool people that are going to be here. I can’t tell you who they are, but they’re really cool,” Willis said.

If you’re wondering what they’ll win, they get absolute bragging rights.


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