Filming for “Future World” wraps up near Brawley

Co-producer Lauren Bates explains the making of “Future World.”

BRAWLEY – The filming for “Future World” comes to an end in the Imperial Valley.

One of the film’s co-producers, Bruce Cheung, spoke to The Desert Review on May 13 on location at the now closed-down Mesquite bio-mass factory at Keystone Road and Highway 111.

“We have filmed the opening sequence of ‘Future World’ here, where the main antagonist, James Franco, invades this factory,” said Cheung. “This is in a post-apocalyptic future. He is the leader of a gang of raiders, mean bikers. There are post-apocalyptic survivors living here.”

“We have about 60 crew members and 20 cast members at this shoot,” continued Cheung. “I’d love to come back to Brawley to screen the film. I love being here. The people here are amazing. It’s actually our second film production here. We shot ‘Don’t Come Back From the Moon’ here at the end of last year. It has been an amazing experience. People here are so kind and the locations are amazing. I feel lucky to be here.”

Snoop Dogg, second from left, and James Franco, third from left, with some of the cast of “Future World.” Photo by James Corriere

On Thursday, June 1, at Baker’s Lake, near Brawley, co-producer Lauren Bates explained the location.

“We found this location on Facebook,” said Bates. “Our production designer was looking for places and saw this lake on Facebook. We were looking for an oasis. ‘Moon’ was shot here, too.”

“This story is about a super post-apocalyptic future world,” continued Bates “Everything had happened. A fever, a war, and all the water had turned bad. This oasis is the only place that has life. Lucy Lu plays the queen of this village. Jeff Wahlberg, who plays Young Prince, is her son. The queen is sick and he goes out on adventures in the desert looking for medicine to save her. James Franco plays the War Lord, the villain in the film. He runs a motorcycle gang. They pillage everything they come across. Snoop Dogg plays the Love Lord, who has a club.”

“It has been a wild ride,” said Bates. “Every day is another challenge. Today we had a Jeep stuck in the sand. We used a local company to help us get it free. We’ve had tents blow away because it’s so crazy out here. It’s all fun and we overcame the challenges.”

“We want everyone to see ‘Future World,’” said Bates. “It’s a great movie and you can see your hometown in it.”

Dark Rabbit Productions is making the film. The filming took about five weeks, according to producer Jay Davis. The film was shot entirely in the Imperial Valley. It will be released in about a year.

“We are about to wrap this up,” said Davis. “We’ve been out here for 23 days of shooting and months of prep. Everything went really well. Our production value here is what I really like about the area. We have $2 million to shoot with, but what you are going to see on screen is going to look much larger than that. That is because of a couple of things. First, our story is about a world in ruins. We needed to find somewhere where the ruins actually exist. We didn’t have to build these sets, spend a lot of time and money. Out here, there are actual ruins like abandoned factories and hotels that fit right into our story. Second, the support of the community has been extremely helpful to us. We couldn’t have gotten what we got without the help of everybody in the area. It’s been great.”

“Dark Rabbit Production Company is James Franco’s production company,” continued Davis. “James, along with Vince Jolivette and myself, started this company to create high-concept genre films. This film will be our biggest and best to launch our company. It’s a sci-fi action movie to launch other movies off of. We want everyone in the Imperial Valley to come and see the film.”

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