Federal judge mulling IID suit motions


judge gavel


SAN DIEGO – The Imperial Irrigation District will need to wait a bit longer to learn the fate of its David-and-Goliath federal anti-trust lawsuit against California’s largest operator of electric power lines.

Following a June 23 hearing U.S. District Court Judge Anthony Battaglia is deciding how he will rule on a motion by the defendant, the California Independent Systems Operator, to dismiss IID’s amended complaint, a district court clerk official said.

IID filed the suit on July 16, 2015, alleging CAISO improperly impeded IID’s ability to move electric power from Imperial Valley’s burgeoning renewable energy industry to other areas of California. It sought a jury trial and unspecified compensation for damages.

The suit took a blow in November when Battaglia dismissed part of it but IID’s legal team countered in January with the amended complaint.

CAISO’s attorneys in February filed a motion to dismiss the amended complaint. IID filed its response to the dismissal in March. The hearing on the motion was delayed in both April and May.

Battaglia could dismiss all or part of the suit, or allow it to move forward and set a trial date. There is no timeline for when his ruling will be rendered, the court official said.

IID is represented by Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith, a law firm with offices in Denver and San Diego, court records show. CAISO’s counsel is the firm of Hogan Lovells US, which has offices in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, the court file states.