Fatality on 86 north of Desert Shores


On Wednesday, September 12, around  3:50 pm, a 45 year-old man was killed by blunt force trauma to his chest on Highway 86 north of Desert Shores Drive.

The accident occurred after the driver drifted off the paved road and entered the center median.

He attempted to maneuver the 1994 Isuzu Rodeo back to the roadway which caused him to lose control and skid across the southbound lanes.

He entered the right dirt shoulder west of the road and again attempted to gain control of his vehicle.

He skidded across the southbound lanes again and upon hitting the dirt center median the car overturned and the driver was ejected, suffering fatal injuries.

Investigating Officer Garcia said the cause of this accident is still under investigation.


5 People injured in two car accident on Ross and Forrester


Thursday, September 13, shortly after 7:00 a.m., Fernanda Ramirez, 23 of Seeley, was driving a 2005 Dodge Struts eastward on Ross avenue with three minor teens. 

Karen Farnese, 53 of Temecula, CA, was driving on Forrester, northbound and approaching Ross at 55 mph with her 2004 Dodge Ram. 

Ramirez approached the intersection at Ross and Forrester, came to a stop at the stop sign, and then pulled out directly into the path of the Ram truck.

The front of the Dodge truck crashed into the right side of the Stratus.

Ramirez, the driver of the Stratus suffered moderate injuries with a laceration to her right shoulder and neck. She was taken to ECRMC.

The 13 year old male teen from Seeley suffered major injuries and was taken to Riverside Community Hospital by Reach Air.

The 14 year old female from Seeley, complained of pain to her right side and was taken to ECRMC.

The 15 year old Seeley female was also taken to ECRMC with pain on the right side of her body.

Farnese also complained of pain to her shoulders and chest but decided to seek out her own medical aid.

Investigating Officer Lizarraga said the collision was still under investigation.