Elton John/Billy Joel Tribute Concert Does Not Disappoint

Face-to-Face Tribute Show does the music of Elton John and Billy Joel


IMPERIAL – Face-to-Face, a tribute band featuring the music of Elton John and Billy Joel performed Friday night at the Wells Fargo Commercial Entertainment Center at the California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta.


Joey Riedel and Michael John took on the personas of Elton John and Billy Joel in a realistic production of John’s and Joel’s popular touring show. Each of the artists performed a set of hits by themselves. They then joined each other Face-to-Face trading vocals on each other’s songs on opposing pianos.


The show was energetic and the songs were faithfully done with some humor and John’s famous eccentric costume changes. The audience was invited to join in on sing-a-longs. The audience was singing along on their own anyway. Lots of dancers were crowded in front of the stage.


Elton seemed to have more of a mastery of the piano, while Billy danced around, at times jumping up on his piano. Their vocals were good but neither sounded like their famous counterparts. The back-up band was spot on.


The audience loved the show.


Tribute bands have become more popular over the past few years, especially at fairs. The California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta has gotten some of the best tribute bands in the country. The Face-to-Face Tribute Show was no exception.

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  1. The tribute shows SUCK!!! Bring back somebody that is at least a B list act and do away with the poseurs…

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