Calexico City Hall

CALEXICO — The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Calexico, in partnership with The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley, is disappointed to announce that the Calexico candidate forum previously scheduled for September 19, 2022, has been canceled. City Manager Esperanza Colio and Mayor Xavier Moreno recalled the permit that allowed the Chamber of Commerce to use the City Council Chambers for the candidate forum. No explanation or reason was given for the recall.

Katie Luna, President of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Calexico, stated, "These events are designed to give the public and candidates a forum to ask questions and exchange information in a safe environment. We have successfully conducted these events for years with other chamber, and it is a shame that we will not be allowed to do this in Calexico. The business community and general community are being deprived of an important information exchange that could help them make better-informed decisions during the 2022 election."

Ramiro Urias, CEO of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Brawley, stated, "When the Chamber of Commerce goes through the event planning process, our staff follows all proper permitting procedures required. In this case, we received the approved permit from the city on September 1st. Unfortunately, we will be unable to secure a new location by next Monday because it takes a great deal of coordination between candidates, the staff, and the volunteers to make this happen. Since Calexico was our kick-off event for the tour of scheduled candidate forums, it will be difficult to reschedule in a timely manner."

City buildings are public spaces and can be used by the public for events if the proper permits and arrangements are made. 

If you wish to express your concerns regarding the permit recall for this event, please contact the City Manager at 760-768-2110. 

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Since all the permits were in place this sounds like political gamesmanship. When no reason is given it sounds like the officials didn't want these candidates to have a place for this forum due to ugly politics.

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