El Niño Arrives With Several Rounds Of Rain


El Nino Weather

IMPERIAL COUNTY - The much awaited and feared weather phenomenon El Niño, arrived in Southern California Sunday evening where several storms packed with rain, fueled in part by El Niño, rolled ashore from the Pacific Ocean into California.

This storm will last through Tuesday evening and is said to be the weakest across with only a light rainfall. The storm is more likely to bring heavier rain from Baja California, Mexico into Arizona and New Mexico.

According to the AccuWeather the last storm of the train will affect the area during Wednesday into Friday. The mid-to late-week storm will be the slowest moving, but also the strongest, coldest and farthest-reaching of the bunch.

Southern California’s coastal and valley areas are expected to receive between 2 to 3.5 inches of rain and up to 5 inches in the mountain areas.

At irregular intervals (roughly every 3-6 years), the sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean along the equator become warmer or cooler than normal. These anomalies are the hallmark of El Niño climate cycles, which can influence weather patterns across the globe

While the storms are unlikely to deliver drought-busting rainfall, they will deliver some beneficial rain to not only coastal Southern California but also farther inland over desert areas to Arizona and New Mexico.

The storms will bring doses of snow to the mountains in the region, which will assist in runoff and drought relief this spring.